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Whats on the work bench? 21/02/19

Despite being busy painting, nothing is really finished! I seem to have too many ideas and not enough time, although that isn’t really unusual. So this weeks blog is as much an attempt to re focus as to show what
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Genesis of a Terror Bird

I thought that it might be interesting to show the processes involved in bringing a new miniature to the market. Arcane Scenery own the DeeZee range and since purchasing it we have been very slowly expanding the choice of models
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It seems at the moment, I am easily distracted. I have been giving the DeeZee range a bit of an overhaul with a view to perhaps extending it in the New Year. Whilst going through the display models I noticed
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Snow Bears!

I am not easily distracted when focused on a project. In fact, I pretty much stick to what I have started, regardless of all the shiny new toys that I see every day. However, a casual enquiry at the recent
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No, it’s not the start of an Arcane Scenery Haka, but the first in a series of terrain pieces that are being designed for us in conjunction with Nick and Tasha, two very talented people that make up the N-FX
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Pikemen, Prussians and Pterodactyls

It’s been one of those weeks when life has got in the way of my hobby! So I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I would like to have done with my various painting projects. The result
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Glyptodon and Mammoth clear the work bench!

As we go into the Easter break it seemed appropriate to paint something vaguely egg shaped and as the Glyptodon had been sitting forlornly on the work bench in just an undercoat I decided his time had come! He is
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There’s something happening in the Jungle!

I mentioned in my last post that I had been somewhat distracted by the new releases from DeeZee and Lucid Eye. DeeZee is part of the Arcane Scenery empire and over the last year or so we have been gradually
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Whats on the Workbench 25/9 & Deezee Miniatures

Progress on the Hanoverian battalion continues, albeit at a snails pace. I had started to paint a batch of 18 figures but progress was too slow and so I decided to finish six off just to get to see how
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If You Go Down To The Woods…..

Once again, I find that my modelling and painting activities are taking a back seat and I have had very limited time to get to paint anything. I have managed to get the to Bear Cubs finished though. As I
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