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The shop only displays items that we actually have in stock or can get within a couple of days. Most of the stocks are ‘live’. The quantity that we have is ready for dispatch as soon as you order it!

If you know what you are looking for the fastest way to find it is to use the shop search bar. Just enter the name or, if you have it, the product number and you will be directed to the product as long as we have it in stock

You can also shop and browse by manufacturer, category or by period in history. If you would like to view the range that we carry from a particular manufacturer, click on the logo and all of the items that I currently have in stock will be displayed. There may be sub categories to help you browse more easily. For example, EVERGREEN PLASTICS are divided into STRIP, RODS, TUBES, SHAPES and SHEET.

We also sort Period or Category. So if you would like to see all of the Napoleonic era items from all manufacturers that I sell, simply click on Napoleonic Wars and they will be displayed on your screen. When you click on a category, a set of sub categories will be revealed to enable you to browse by scale. So you can now choose to look at just one scale of Napoleonic figures by selecting from the list displayed. If you are interested in 28mm scale figures, all of the different manufacturers in that scale that I carry will be displayed together.

Finally, a brief word about the historical periods that are listed. They are somewhat simplified. The Ancients & Romans will cover anything from cavemen right through to around 1066 and the Normans & Anglo Saxons.

Medieval Wars will go from 1066 through to around 1600 and for simplicity, takes in the Renaissance as well. Pike & shot features the English Civil wars and runs to about 1700. Horse & Musket runs from 1700 through to 1780 and then it is on to Napoleonic Wars which only feature the wars of Napoleon. After that I think that the categories are quite straight forward. I am constantly working on my shop categories so you may see some changes in the future. If you have any ideas that you think will help please let me know.