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Painting flesh – Charles Baynon Style

I’m very lucky to work in the wargaming industry, albeit on the peripheral of things as a retailer, but as a result I get to see some superb work by the master painters. I have a few favourites, some of
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Collecting an Army……

It’s always a pleasure to hear from other people in the hobby and to see what they have been up to. I recently had an email from Alan, who collects and paints 1/32 scale WW2 figures. Not only does he
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The Heroines of Wargaming

Since its the jubilee, a week dedicated to celebrating one woman, we thought we’d spend this week celebrating a few others. On Wednesday we had our women in war history, now we have women in war gaming. The One who
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Monday Models

So we have a couple of projects we’d like to mention. That aren’t Arcane projects. Firstly Kevin Hill from Texas again, with his Western town layout. Kevin apparently feels he shouldn’t have painted this in that Cola red, because it
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Reader’s Tables: Kevin, from Texas

We really love seeing photos of what you’ve done with your tables and this week we have a submission from Kevin in Texas, who has (appropriately) made use of the wooden Western buildings. We especially like the sign-writing he has
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Notre ami en France

We get very excited when we hear from our customers about what they’ve been up to with their models. The 1/32 and 1/72 variety, not Giselle and Naomi. We don’t want to know about that, thank you very much. But
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Guest modeller of the week: Chris Kirk

Steve has known Chris Kirk for some years, and what makes his models really stand out is his attention to detail, especially when it comes to the basing scheme. All of his armies are produced with a cohesive colour scheme,
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Guest Modeller of the Week: Bernard Lewis

We decided that instead of just talking about Arcane and Steve’s latest projects and battles, you might like to know what other members of the modelling and wargaming community have been up to. We start this week with the very
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