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Off with His Head Part 2

Actually, this time ‘Off with his head!’ is a bit of an overstatement; it should really just be ‘Off with the top of his head!’ Yes, we’re talking radical trepanning, not total decapitation here. But to make up for that we’ll also hack off an arm. There, I couldn’t let you down, could I?

The ‘lucky’ chap we’re butchering is General Brune (Trent Miniatures MCP 01), a distinctive figure with a distinctive hair style, waving his hat to encourage his men. I just wanted an ordinary, non-specific French General, so that means getting rid of Brune’s hair style. How better than by putting his hat back on his head? Out with the jeweller’s saw. The first cut removed Brune’s right arm at the shoulder; the second took off the top of his head, just above the eyes. Then, first with clippers, next with craft knife and needle file, I removed Brune’s hat from his hand. Pin vice next, swiftly boring into top of head and underside of hat; then the hat was firmly fixed on said head with a short length of steel rod and a dab of super glue. If necessary a smearing of Green Stuff or Milliput round the line of the join will hide any millinery imperfections.

I still wanted my General to look imposing, and I thought pointing with a baton/staff/swagger-stick would convey that image. This meant that an Austrian officer (one of Trent Miniatures AH96/06) had to sacrifice his right arm. Never mind, he had pledged his life to the Emperor, and the loss of an arm is not the ultimate sacrifice: the Emperor would still find employment for him! Jeweller’s saw and pin vice again went into action and very soon the Austrian arm was pinned and glued to the French shoulder. Finally, said shoulder was rebuilt with a small amount of Green Stuff et voila! – one imposing French General.

At the very last minute I decided he should be painted as an Italian, rather than a Frenchman. This means you paint the dark blue bits dark green instead!

Generale di Brigata, 1798

Footnote: The Austrian officer is still awaiting a new right arm. With the right choice he too will look imposing! Someone suggested a spontoon – but I thought that was the rainy season in India…?