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King Richard III Visitor Centre.

My journey into the complications of the War of the Roses continues with a visit to the King Richard III Visitor Centre at Leicester. I have had it on my list to visit the museum ever since it’s creation and
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Bingham Napoleonic Days

Over the last couple of weeks my blog has been focused on the Demo game that I was a part of at the Bingham Napoleonic days. I thought that this week, I would round up this very enjoyable occasion by
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Tankfest at Bovington part 2

Continuing my review of Tankfest 2017 held at Bovington, in my last blog entry I had just stopped for lunch and I was taking a tour around the Museums whilst the displays in the Arena were having a break. First stop
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Tankfest 2017 Bovington

If you have been following Arcane Scenery on Facebook you will already know that I was fortunate enough to be able to get to Tankfest at Bovington this year. What a fantastic day out! If you are at all interested
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Wars of the Roses Part 1 – Warwick Castle

It’s been a busy June, with my weekends being taken up with one event after another. I’m not complaining, far from it, I know how fortunate that I am in being able to get the these events, so in an
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Vikings land in Newark!

The bank holiday weekend was pretty much booked up with Family stuff but I did manage to sneak away on the Saturday and wander down to Newark Castle whilst Mrs Wood was having her hair done. To be fair, I
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What did the Romans ever do for us?

In my last blog entry, I mentioned that I had visited the Roman Army Museum which is ‘twinned’ with the Vindolanda Fort just behind Hadrians wall. First of all, lets be clear, I am no expert on the Roman army.
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Beyond the Wall.

Winter is coming, of that there is no doubt but first we have Autumn and happily, a few more days of sunshine.  Together with a group of War gaming buddies, Pete, Jaz, John and Josie, Julie and I  were lucky enough to enjoy some
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A rest is as good as a change!

I’ve had a very relaxing week away on the beautiful island of Skiathos in Greece. Time to catch a few rays and take a break from the usual routine and recharge my batteries. As well as taking a break for
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The New Partizan Venue and other ramblings…

We attended the our second show of the year. Partizan, at the George Stephenson Hall at the Newark show ground. Although some customers remarked that they missed the lovely architecture of the old venue at Kelham Hall, I think that on balance
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Bolsover Castle

The forecast for a rainy Bank Holiday should have been my cue to spend a day or two painting and modelling but you can get a bit stale cooped up inside. Instead, I decided that we would have a day out
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Beth Shalom Holocaust Museum

I’ve often said that history surrounds us in England, and in the part of the country that I live in, Nottinghamshire, we have more than our fair share. The third ‘arm’ of my hobby is the study of history and if
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The National Civil War Museum Newark

A rainy bank holiday Monday should have been an excuse to get on with some painting and modelling but it seemed a shame to stay at home. So I persuaded Julie, my wife, that a trip down the road to
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The Imperial War Museum North

On Sunday 15th, I was up in Manchester (Old Trafford, to be precise) to watch Tottenham play Man Utd and rather than just visit the Theatre of Dreams, ( or on this particular day, Theatre of  nightmares – Tottenham lost
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History surrounds us.

I haven’t lifted a paint brush or done any modelling for nearly a fortnight now. It’s been one of those fallow periods that you go through from time to time. There are other things happening in life that draw you
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