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The business is now closed but I’ll leave my contact email in place just in case there is an outstanding issue that requires sorting out

I don’t check emails at the weekend. I am too busy painting my models… Monday will be the day that you get a reply to any emails sent at the weekend.

If you have a question about any of my blog articles, I’ll do my best to answer as completely as possible. Of course, now that the business is closed, I can only supply links to suppliers and not actually help supply products. Likewise, any links to products in my older blog articles will now be redundant as are any promises of free or cheap postage! I will slowly re edit the older articles but with over 400 or so entries, this will take some time!

If you contact me through social media you will get a response but it will be slower and less detailed than by email. I often do not have the information to hand when checking social media at home. I am usually slumped on the sofa passing the time scrolling through my feed – just like you are….

Happy modelling!

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