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More Goodies from Airfix! New Resin Scenery.

I’ve just received the latest releases from Airfix for the month. In a slightly new departure for Airfix, these items are not plastic kits but resin models. They are part of a series of scenery and diorama models to be released by Airfix this year and very nice they are too! First up we have the European Ruined Cafe, representing the typical French small town cafe.

The buiding is reproduced in off white resin and is very crisply moulded with plenty of detail that will be ‘brought to life’ once the model is painted. The model comes with brass etched window frames for those who would like to add the windows.

The buildings are 1/76th scale and so are ideal for 20mm figures and will also suit 1/72nd scale figures for wargaming purposes. On that note, the design has been well thought through to allow plenty of cover for your soldiers!

As well as the Cafe, there is also a ruined workshop, again based on those typically found in Northern France.

The same attention to detail is present in this model and again there is plenty of cover for your troops.

Of course being a workshop, there is room for a tank to take cover here and if you look closely at the box art you can see a Tiger Lurking in the background!

There are two other pieces due for release later in the year, a town corner house and a cottage, so World War two Wargamers will have a good selection of scenery and a basis for creating a mini town for their troops to battle over. Well done Airfix! Yet more evidence that this much loved brand is on the rise again.

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