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About Arcane

The Arcane Scenery Business is closed as of 28th March 2024 and I have retired from retailing. Below is a brief history of how I started Arcane Scenery and my involvement in the hobby. The ebay account is still live but I will be using it only to sell through odds and ends as as a Temporary home for DeeZee Models.

I first started trading on the web when I joined ebay back in 2001. The main purpose being to clear the clutter from my loft. I have been collecting and building models all of my life and I had accumulated a large collection of science fiction memorabilia, model kits and war gaming models and accessories. I felt that it was time to de-clutter and I reluctantly started to sell off my collection. In doing so I found that I really enjoyed trading on ebay and that was the start of a change in career! As well as the online shop we had a well established shop on ebay.  You can see our current feedback rating on ebay here: EBAY FEEDBACK. The idea was for the two sites to complement each other. Through the wonders of technology, the two site were linked, allowing us to run with live stocks.

I have been building models since I was about six, my first being the Airfix model of the Golden Hind. I have since built most of the Airfix range, many of the Tamiya 1/35 tanks and a considerable number of Revell and other kit manufacturers products over the last 46 years!  I am a keen gamer and a particular fan of the Black Powder Rules set. I am gradually building a British Napoleonic Army based on the Waterloo order of Battle. You can follow my progress on these projects by clicking into my BLOG 

Recently, my focus has shifted to the War of the Roses and in particular, games using the ‘Never Mind the….’ rules set, written by Andy Callan.

I also enjoy Dark ages and the Saga rules set, The Lion Rampant rules, a Test of Honour, and have a growing fascination for the Napoleonic wars  in the Caribbean. I model and paint to a good gaming standard and I did manage to make it through to the final round of the Golden Demon in 1999 with one of my models. I have a fascination for the First and Second World wars, the Zulu Wars, the Battle of Waterloo, Agincourt, the English Civil War, The Roman Army….in fact I just love military history! So whilst I’m no expert, I think that my hobby has given me a broad degree of experience and knowledge.

My first full time job was as a sales assistant in Mansells Models in Paignton, now long closed, and it was there that I was able to experience all aspects of the modelling hobby and this experience has stayed with me through my life. I still have a fascination with aspects of wargaming and modelling, and despite being retired, retailing! I hope that you enjoy the hobby as much as I do!

Thank you and Happy modelling!

Steve Wood
Hobbyist and Wargamer