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Perry’s Napoleonic Flat Boat part 2

The work on this lovely model continues. As I finished each block of figures I placed them into the boat, ready for the final assembly. Once the sailors were completed, it was onto the soldiers.

The officers take their seats!

The next set of figures after the Officer party was the two sentry’s at the front of the boat, and the drummer and trooper to accompany the officer party. I had decided to paint the soldiers with dark blue facings as they will probably have flags from one of the guard regiments.

Sentries, drummer and trooper block painted and inked – they await final highlighting.

You can see from the picture above that the four blocks of sitting troops are primed and ready for painting. I once again tackled these in two small ‘bites’ – the two block of four troops first, then the larger blocks of five troopers afterwards. I found that this was easier and with each of the sub assemblies that I finished, the more encouraged I was to continue.

The two blocks of four awaiting final highlights and matt varnish.
The poor chap being seasick in his hat is particularly characterful!

The first batch of troops were then added to the boat.

next, the two batches of five troops were painted

These were then added to the boat. It’s getting a bit crowded!

I also took the time to repaint the boat itself, giving it a black gunwale and repainting the rudder white and black. With all the main pieces now painted, the next step will be to add the missing oars, The sergeants spontoon, flags to the ensigns and make a base. That will come in part three of the blog! I’m currently waiting on the flags but here is a sneak preview of everything else in place.

All aboard!


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