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What’s on the workbench 8 June 2014

With the onset of summer (allegedly!), my painting seems to slow up, and as I’ve mentioned before it’s not fast to start with. So progress on the various projects is hampered by the need to mow the lawn, weed the borders, power wash the patio, wash down the garden furniture, clean up the barbeque, light the barbeque, cook the burgers, open the beer, drink the beer, drink the beer, drink the beer….you get the picture!

Ice Age Range!

Ice Age Range!

But the baby mammoth has his tusks now and has joined the rest of the herd! If you would like one, he is now available as part of the DeeZee range. We’ve also added in the Lucid Eye Neanderthals and the Bestial huts, so if you would like to start building your own Ice Age collection, it’s all in one place now!

I’ve also made some progress with my gun boat, with the oarsmen almost finished, leaving just the marines to complete. The gun boat is one of those models that looks better from a distance. I mentioned that the crew needed quite a bit of work on them but some of the detail hasn’t cast too well and this is more obvious close up when the mini’s were painted. Still, the model will make a nice centre piece for my growing Caribbean collection.

2014-06-05 14.46.11

Gun Boat & Crew

Incidentally, there is a big mistake with the positioning of my oarsmen on the gun boat! I hadn’t spotted it until I was looking at my own picture and it is just as well because they would have been glued in as they are. If you haven’t spotted it, I’ve got the oarsmen facing the wrong way! They should be facing the stern not the bow!

Also on the work bench is the last of my Prussian Landwehr troops. These are more metals  from Warlord and will finish off the final battalion, giving me two battalions in total.

So over the next week, World Cup Football and Barbeques permitting, the plan is to complete at least one of these projects, not least because I am eager to get to work on the new Hanoverians from Warlord!