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Whats on the Workbench 25/9 & Deezee Miniatures

2014-09-25 11.06.22Progress on the Hanoverian battalion continues, albeit at a snails pace. I had started to paint a batch of 18 figures but progress was too slow and so I decided to finish six off just to get to see how they would look. The picture shows the first six block painted according to the colour scheme from the Mont St Jean site ( see last weeks blog for link). The next stage will be to paint them with army painter quick shade – I’ll use the strong tone or black shade. This will give me the shading to bring out the detail, particularly the faces and trousers. It will also give a clear outline to the equipment and lacing, making them stand out. Once the quick shade has dried, I’ll highlight the figures by repainting the lighter colours, particularly the webbing & lace and I’ll highlight the metals with either silver or gold as appropriate. This will really make the Buttons & bayonets stand out on the battlefield. Of course the most important finishing touch will be the bases! I just need to think about the colour of the flowers that I will use….. Hopefully by next week I will have at least these six finished. One final thought on painting these models. With hindsight, I should have painted the three individual pieces that make a figure separately. It would have made painting the detail much easier, so I will give this a try when I paint the next 18 figures.

Changing the subject completely, I mentioned in a previous blog that I was working my way through the Deezee range. Well, next on the workbench is a couple of Jaguars! One of them is not yet in production but we are edging ever closer to sorting this out! All being well, we will change the pack on the Jaguars so that you will get two different animals rather than two the same. The bear cubs should be in production by next week and we will have a couple of brand new packs of dogs! Here’s the Jaguars, just undercoated. I will be trying to paint them both as Black Jaguars, the sort that appeared in Apocalypto. On the face of it, that is the simpler option as opposed to the spotted type of Jaguar. However, painting & shading black is quite difficult – I’ll show you how I get on when they are finished. 2014-09-25 11.07.26