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What’s in the Box? – Gothic City Buildings

Gothic buildings 008

When it comes to buying on line, it’s not always easy to decide whether a new product is right for you. It’s usually a safe decision if you have bought products from a company before. Lets face it, when Games Workshop release their latest Tank or figure, you will have a pretty good idea of what to expect in terms of quality and style and a picture will be enough to help you decide whether you want it or not. Likewise, when Airfix or Italeri release a new scale model of, say, a 1/72 scale Sherman Tank, then you will have a clear idea of what you will get. There’s also usually reviews of these new releases in the trade press such as Military Modelling that will help you to decide if the kit is right for you.

But what about the smaller company releases? Or what if you are new to the hobby? How do you know whether what your buying is going to be right for you. I know that it’s tricky enough when you can get to a model shop but at least you can handle the product. Mind you, these days everything is sealed and you are not always made to feel that you can take a peek inside the box. So with that in mind I thought that I would add a series of reviews to my blog. Now I’m not a professional kit reviewer and I dont have access to scale drawings of models so I’m not going to be able to tell you if a model is 0.5mm to short or if the style of boots on a certain type of 5th century B.C. Assyrian Warrior is right or wrong. So if you’re looking for that information, move on, there are other sites that will do it better than I ever can.

Actually, I’m not into that sort of detail either, but I’ll save that discussion for another day. What I can do, is show you the contents of a kit, tell you whether I like it ( I tend to be positive, I’m selling these products!) and give you the alternatives that I know about. So for my first look at ‘What’s in the box?’ I’ve chosen the Gothic City Buildings by Pegasus. Why, you may ask. Well, first of all, I like this company. It’s based in America and they produce a nice range of reasonably priced scenic kits and accessories that are great for wargamers, as well as a super collection of scale models and soldiers. To see the range check out my shop, I have most of what is available most of the time!

So what do you get in the box?

Box Contents

Box Contents

You don’t get the Games Workshop Chapter Master! He’s there to show you the scale. You do get a huge amount of plastic which is as follows:

Gate, Pillars and short walls

Gate, Pillars and short walls

As you can see , there is one entrance or gate section, 24 pillars (only six in the picture) and six short walls (8.25cms long), the picture shows two of them, front & back.

Gothic buildings 005

There are 6 short window sections ( 8.25cms long) and 6 long wall sections (16.5cms long).

Gothic buildings 006

Finally, you get 6 sprues of gargoyles and details for the building.

Gothic buildings 007

There’s the Chapter Master again to show you the height of the walls, which are about 8.25cms tall. So that’s enough parts to build a really big impressive centre piece for your wargames table or to use as a back ground for a diorama. The only thing that would have improved this kit would be a roof or floors for the buildings. This is easily remedied with some plasticard but it would have been nice to have included this in the box.

I think that this set is a great way to build scenery for your warhammer 40k games and of course it would be ideal for complementing the new planet strike, City fight and apocalypse supplements.

So if you are looking fo some competively priced scenery for your wargames, pegasus is a great place to start. As well as the Gothic City Buildings there are three other building sets available, some ready built gothic rubble and packs of bricks so there’s no reason why you couldn’t build your own city to battle over. As always, take a look in my ebay shop for prices and availability!