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Cheap Paint!

This hasn’t been a great week for me, modelling or blogging. Sometimes I feel as though I have achieved very little other than to run to stand still. However, that said, it is often times like this that you learn the most. The main cause of my frustration, apart from turbolister, has been a leaky toilet cistern, which has not only meant that the toilet was put out of action but the water leaking from it has found it’s way through to the lounge ceiling. The problem with these minor domestic maintenance problems is that I find it difficult to sit and paint or make my models when clearly, there are other priorities. Well, the other priorities are actually only clear because my dear Wife likes to make them so….

Apart from the obvious inconvenience of having a leaky convenience, the damp spot in the lounge could have turned into a major redecoration project and that would be a disaster when I have so many models to make, so the plumbing had to be done. The upside of this was a trip to B&Q to get the bits and of course a chance to have a nosy around the aisles, pretending to look for plumbing bits whilst investigating parts for my next scenery project. In fact, hardware stores are a brilliant place for stocking up the bits box and I’ll revisit this theme in future blog articles.

There was another reason for my trip. I had heard that B&Q have a clever paint matching machine. You just supply them with a sample colour and they will produce a fairly good match. Now, I am working on a piece of Scenery for my necron war gaming board and I wanted the base to be the same colour as my Necron bases, that is Foundry Terra cotta brown. If you use Foundry or Games Workshop paints over a large area, it will cost a fortune, but those nice people at B&Q have mixed me up a sample pot of 250mls of Terracotta( thats about ten times bigger than a Games workshop paint pot) for just £2.08! Now, I wouldn’t use this paint on a model ( mind you, I might try it on my figure bases) but for scenery, it’s ideal. So there you are, big pots of  paint for your scenery or dioramas that will match your Games workshop or Foundry paints at a fraction of the cost.

Oh! and the good news is that the leaky toilet is fixed as well, so this week I hope to get back to the modelling board with a clear concience, Hurrah!