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What’s on the Workbench 22 May 2014

Landwher Casualties

Landwher Casualties

Despite a busy couple of weeks, including a short break in Belgium ( more on that later!) I did manage to finish off the 5 Prussian Landwehr casualties Рnot literally, of course Рbut they are now painted and based and ready to join their unit. The figures have been painted with the  following Vallejo Paints:

Face & hands РFlat Flesh 955; Hats & coats РDark Prussian Blue 899; Boots, Hat detail & cartridge case РBlack 950; Musket straps, packs & equipment detail РLeather brown 871; Misc. equipment РIraqi Sand 819, Powder horns РDark yellow 978; Musket Stocks Р Flat Brown 984; musket barrels, buttons & other detail Рnatural steel 864, Detail on muskets & straps Рbrass 801; Trousers & Straps РOff white 820; Blankets Рneutral grey 992.

As these figures are from the Silesian Region, I gave them Yellow facings (yellow 953) and red shoulder tabs (Flat red 957). Technically, the colour of the tabs should vary by battalion, but I like the red & decided to go with this scheme with all my troops. The only other variations were the hair colouring – I just use a random mix of brown & blond! Oh! and one of the figures has light brown (Val929) trousers.

Once the basic colours

2014-05-22 10.14.46

were on, I painted them with Army Painter Dark tone and when this had dried for 24 hours, I sprayed them with Army Painter Anti shine varnish

I then go back and highlight some of the colours to make them stand out, notably, the white, yellow & flesh and I finish the bayonets with a bright silver ( val 997).

For basing, I re-based all the figures on Renedra 20mm square bases. I use a filler to level out the bases & then paint them chocolate brown. The next stage is to cover with Forest Brown scatter & then Flower field Static grass. The final step is to add some flowered and plain grass tufts for a bit of interest on the bases. The final picture shows three of the figures with their battalion as they advance into battle!

As a final thought, whilst I was over in Belgium, I visited the Battlefield at Waterloo and of course a full report will follow; but it only seems appropriate to include a picture of the memorial to the brave Prussian soldiers that fell during the battle for Plancenoit.prussian memorial at plancenoit