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Tuesday Roundup…

Yes it’s a few days delayed, sorry folks, but here’s what’s new at Arcane Scenery…

We’ve restocked on Renedra products and now have the full range in stock.

New from Renedra is the Pontoon bridge.

A great accessory for wargamers allowing them to biuld either a pontoon bridge or a simple footbridge. Theres lots of potential to use the pontoons as seperate items and conversions. The bridge is of a type used through many historical periods.






We’ve had an Expo Tools restock, so good availability on all these products. New to us is the Glue & glaze. A specialist product that allows you not only to glue clear plastic components without ‘fogging ‘them but also allows modellers to glaze small windows ( such as on airline models, ship kits etc) as well as headlights on cars, tanks etc. This expands our specialist adhesive range and we have many different glues for different tasks. Please check out our previous blog article ‘super glue is great…. but there are other adhesives!

Restocks on Emhar with more 1/35th scale WW1 infantry & artillery now available, although this is selling fast and some lines have already sold through! We will get more.
We have also received many more of the Conflix scenery range buildings in. These are amoungst the best value ready painted buildings on the market and look great on the war games table. 








New Warlord releases are in. Favourite is the Napoleonic Vivandiere, as she would have been with the troops. After all , what soldier could resist a woman offering him a beer…..Mind you she comes armed with a pistol so beware!

Also released, Scottish casualties for pike & shotte and new German army Command, Flak 43 and Leig18 infantry gun.







Finally, for now, we have just received new laser cut MDF movement trays. These allow you to make perfect trays and finish them to your own basing colours.