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The Only Wargamer in the Village

I have been fortunate to find that I was not the only wargamer in the village, and there is now a small band of wargamers in Bingham that meet once a month.

This month we were guests of Andy Callan, a very experienced wargamer and historian. Andy was the inspiration that led me to build my own wargames table. It was after i saw him set up that I realised I could build me own wargames room in my garage (see previously).

Andy had set up this months’s game to be a refight of the Battle of the Byne, and using his own in house rules and figures, with Andy acting as umpire, the Protestant Army of king Billy once again attempted to cross the Boyne and defeat the catholic King James.

Without taking you through a blow by blow account of our battle, the game pretty much followed history. Once again the Elite Dutch guards (commanded by Dave King this time around) forced a crossing at Oldbridge to capture the village, whilst the Williamite cavalry were eventually able to cross the Boyne and hold back the Jacobite cavalry, forcing the Jacobite army to retire in good order.

The pictures show the various phases of the battle.

Also of note are the figures being used. Andy is still a great fan of 20mm or 1/72nd scale plastics, meaning that he has amassed the most amazing collection of armies as a result.

He is able to field comprehensive armies from most of the recognised historical periods.

So, if you are thinking of starting in the hobby, don’t think that 28mm is the only scale. You can build huge armies using 20mm figures and the result is just as much fun as battling in 28mm.