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The latest sets from Italeri

We’ve just received the latest releases from Italeri and very nice they are too! First up is a set of Napoleonic Scots Infantry. There are 36 models in the set, three sprues containing 12 poses. They are crisply moulded and well detailed. There are two sergeant figures and a drummer. The only ‘missing’ is an officer figure and an Ensign would have been nice but otherwise a great addition to the Napoleonic range.

Next up is a set of World war Two American Infantry in Winter uniforms. An ideal set for those wishing to re fight the Battle of the Bulge and the advance into Germany during the late war!

Again, you get 36 figure in 12 dynamic poses on three sprues. I particularly like the Grenade launcher and the radio operator. Both sets of figures come with a clear painting guide on the back of the boxes and in this respect Italeri are better than most manufacturers, so much so that I have been using their boxes as a reference for some of my 28mm models.

Finally, the last release is a 1/72 scale fast build model of the fearsome German 88mm Flak and anti tank gun. The fast build models are designed for wargamers and allow you to build a reasonable replica without all the fiddly bits! The kit also contains 8 crew and look as though they are dressed for Desert warfare so this set will go nicely with the recent DAK Afrika Korps and Paratroops in tropical uniform. All of these sets are now available in my ebay shop ready for despatch now!