Stock Updates – New into the shop this week

It’s been another week where the new releases have been coming in thick and fast. To be fair; some of the new lines are either just new ranges for the shop, in the case of Airfix, retools & reboxes of older models, or extensions to ranges that we are gradually building.

We’ve had a double dose of the Russians! To explain, the Trent Miniatures French revolutionary Wars range has now landed with us and we’ve started by listing the Russian Infantry packs as these seem a little different to the normal Napoleonic offering.

At the same time, we’ve just received the Airfix 1/32 scale WW2 Russian Infantry. This brings the total of 1/32 sets available from Airfix to 13 with more on the way.

Also from Airfix is the Tropical version of the Messerschmitt Bf110E. think that this is a new variant from airfix as it’s one that I dont remember building and I am sure that at one time I had built all of the Airfix Plane kits!

New from Warlord is the Plastic Prussian Napoleonics as well as casualties for Romans & Celts, Sir Thomas Fairfax, Irish brigade English Civil war troops and Highlanders Arrant scum!

We now have a full range of MDF bases for wargamers with some superb buildings on the way. More on these later!

And there’s more but I’m afraid that Ive got to get back to listing so if you would like to see what else is new check into my ebay shop!

The latest sets from Italeri

We’ve just received the latest releases from Italeri and very nice they are too! First up is a set of Napoleonic Scots Infantry. There are 36 models in the set, three sprues containing 12 poses. They are crisply moulded and well detailed. There are two sergeant figures and a drummer. The only ‘missing’ is an officer figure and an Ensign would have been nice but otherwise a great addition to the Napoleonic range.

Next up is a set of World war Two American Infantry in Winter uniforms. An ideal set for those wishing to re fight the Battle of the Bulge and the advance into Germany during the late war!

Again, you get 36 figure in 12 dynamic poses on three sprues. I particularly like the Grenade launcher and the radio operator. Both sets of figures come with a clear painting guide on the back of the boxes and in this respect Italeri are better than most manufacturers, so much so that I have been using their boxes as a reference for some of my 28mm models.

Finally, the last release is a 1/72 scale fast build model of the fearsome German 88mm Flak and anti tank gun. The fast build models are designed for wargamers and allow you to build a reasonable replica without all the fiddly bits! The kit also contains 8 crew and look as though they are dressed for Desert warfare so this set will go nicely with the recent DAK Afrika Korps and Paratroops in tropical uniform. All of these sets are now available in my ebay shop ready for despatch now!

Albion Alloys at Arcane Scenery

I’m very excited to receive my latest range, the Albion Alloys range of Precision Metals. On first glance, you might think, so what, it’s just metal! If you are at all into scratch building or converting models though, you will be as excited as me. The range of Albion Alloys consists of Aluminum, Brass & Copper tube, rod, sheet and channeling in various sizes. Of course, as the name suggests the pieces are precision engineered and cut to the specified sizes and they are incredibly useful for modelling projects. Primarily designed for model engineers, these pieces are incredibly useful to modellers and wargamers.

The tubes slide fit into the next size up ( telescope) to enable you to build pistons etc. The rod is ideal for pinning models. If nothing else, using the tube to replace the post on flying stands will ensure that your model doesn’t snap off during games! The micro brass tube can be used to replace gun barrels to make them look more authentic and you can even use the tube to make shell cases. The channeling is great for model Tanks, for making brackets etc.

I will be carrying a range of some 60 different types of Albion Alloys in my ebay shop as part of the Expo Tools range and I will also be adding the range to my independent on line shop in time. As well as the lines that I hold ready for instant dispatch, I am also able to order most of the Albion Alloy range, including the larger 1 metre lengths. If you would like details, please contact me through the shop email.

Napoleonic Flank Companies!

It’s been some time since my last blog on the subject of Napoleonics but I have been busy painting and my Army is steadily growing, along with my knowledge of the period. My main reference in building my army has been the superb book, the Waterloo Companion by Mark Adkin. It really is a first class reference book and if you are at all interested in the period, I suggest that you must add it to your library!

The main fighting unit of infantry in the British Napoleonic army was the Battalion. You will often hear people refer to various Regiments when talking of the units at a particular battle , for example, the 27th Inniskilling Regiment. However, the Regiment in the British army was more of an organisational title and it was the battalion that actually took to the field. Some Regiments consisted of more than one Battalion; two or three were possible, but it was unlikely that there would be more (There were of course exceptions). In this case, the battalions would be numbered, so the first battalion of the 27th Regiment would be noted as 1/27, the second, 2/27 and so on.

A battalion consisted of around 800 men when at full strength. In reality, it was extremely rare for a Battalion to be at full strength whilst on campaign. The actual numbers varied from just over 700 to as few as 500. At the Battle of Waterloo, some battalions were below this number, due to casualties suffered at the battle of Quatre Bras. Regardless of numbers, the battalion was divided into 10 Companies, each usually commanded by a Captain. Eight of the Companies would be known as Line or Centre Companies and would be numbered 2 to 9. The other two Companies were the Flank Companies. Company number one, deployed on the right of the line was the ‘Grenadier Company’ and usually formed from the biggest & bravest soldiers. Company number 10, was the Light Company and whilst usually deployed on the left of the line was also used as the skirmishers for the Battalion. These troops were usually the best shots and the smallest and fastest in the Battalion. They were often deployed well in advance of the battalion and if trouble threatened, they needed to be able to get back to their lines quickly!

Flank Companies were distinguished from the Centre Companies by the size of their Epaulets and the colour of the plumes on their Shako’s. Flank Companies have the big ‘wing’ type epaulets ( first two models on the left of the pic.) as opposed to the’ tufts’ of the Centre company’s and the Grenadier Company would have all white plumes whilst the Light company would have green plumes. In addition, the officers in the Flank Companies tended to carry a Curved Sword or sabre as oppose to a straight one.

So having blathered on long enough about the technicalities of Flank Company troops I’ll show you in the next article how I put mine together.