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Blitzkrieg tanks produce high quality resin models in both 1/48th scale and 1/56th scale.

The 1/48th scale range was originally designed because although manufacturers claim their figures to be 28mm in size, they are often larger & closer to 30mm. In addition, the sculpting process tends to favour a ‘chunkier’ look to the figures. Most wargamers will mount their figures on bases, meaning that you finish up with figures that will look on the large size when placed beside the 1/56th scale tank models. So we introduced the slightly larger 1/48th scale tanks, feeling that they looked more realistic and more imposing on the battlefield. After all, when you put a Tiger tank on the wargames table you want it to look as though it would terrify the troops!

The 1/56th scale range was designed for the wargamer that already had other vehicles of this scale in their collection. We realised that if you already had a PZIII in 1/56th, you wouldn’t want a different variant in a different scale. 1/56th scale is often the standard scale for the new breed of plastic kits, such as Bolt Action and Rubicon and so these Blitzkrieg models are the identical scale and completely compatible. This scale also goes well with some of the ‘smaller’ figure ranges such as the new Perrys miniatures plastics, which are true 28mm or the foundry range, which tends to be smaller sculpts than later ranges.

So which range do you choose? Well, if you already have 1/56th scale vehicles , it makes sense to stick with this scale. If you haven’t, our choice would be to go for the larger 1/48th scale as they look more realistic when on a gaming table.