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New Weapons for Saga


Those thrusting spears can be pretty effect!

We do carry a large range of accessories to help you get the best from playing Saga and painting and finishing your Saga warbands.

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On the off chance that you have followed the link from Facebook, either because you were simply curious or that you couldn’t believe that a joke could be so bad, I’d better confirm that this was an April Fools joke.  I do have to thank Nick Buxey, as it was indeed him that originally told me this tale whilst we were sat having a coffee at the Hammerhead Show at Newark. To be fair, Nick had me fooled right up to the punchline. I really did think that he had uncovered some new research and that I would have a new product for Saga.

If you have just stumbled on this by accident, here’s the story:

‘Thanks to some excellent research by Nick Buxey, Arcane Scenery is pleased to announce a new weapons option for Saga Warbands. The new rules allow Normans and Bretons to be armed with Thrusting Spears. Using these new spears will allow you to attack in close combat and should you fail to hit, you can repeat the attack. The new weapons are known as Brittany Spears.’

Ah well, as you are here you might as well watch the real thing….