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Monday round up

Oooh oooh its a Monday…So here is the newly moved round up…

We have a new range of scenery items from MiniArt, a fairly new Ukranian company. Though young, they are rapidly making a name for themselves with their excellent items and we have the 1:35 size. Perfect for part of your table or a diorama, we have all kinds of scenes from tramline to telegraph poles

From Armourfast, which is part of HaT, we have some fabulous tanks and vehicles in 1:72 scale. Not only are they great little vehicles but each set contains the parts for two, making them great if you want to have your army vehicled-up pretty quickly. We have Stugs, StuHs, and tank destroyers…



For fans of Asian based conflicts from Revell we have WW2 1:72 Japanese infantry 

Whilst also in WW2 we have the HobbyBoss MunitionSchlepper…which is a schlepper of munitions…they are very straightforward those Germans. Specifically this large mover of munitions was used for the Geract 040 Nr.I to VI and Geract Nr.VII, which were giagantic mortars…this in 1:72 so luckily not so giant that it won’t fit on your war gaming table.

From Plus Models we have a series of accessories, they are new to us, so bear with us as the range grows. To start with we have a range of leaves for a variety of trees in both 1:35 and 1:48 scales, but they would work just as well with scenes and figures of other sizes. We will start stocking a range of lead wire in a variety of gauges. The great benefit of lead wire is that it is used for detailing on model railways, but more importantly in our case to represent wires and piping on tanks. The different thicknesses making it suitable across the scales from 1/100 to 1/35. We also have in individual 1:48 bricks, but they would be equally suitable for 28mm, for paved areas and rubble.

We will also be building stock of MIG productions. Starting with 1:48 because of its similarity to 28mm and we will have a few resin buildings in and some resin figures, which will enhance our 1:48 range of kits. Though 1:48 is technically bigger than 28mm (technically 1:56) and this is noticable when figures are put to the side, however, when it comes to scenery and accessories they are very useful.