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It’s too darned hot!

I’m not really complaining about the weather, honest! I’ve been away on holiday to Crete and it was a lot hotter there! Of course the difference was that I didn’t have to go to work and the only time I spent on my hobby was to do some holiday reading. As well as reading the latest Bernard Cornwell historical novel (‘Pagan Lord’), and for a complete change, the latest Lee Child thriller ( ‘Never Go Back’), I also managed to fit in Alessandro Barberos’ book, ‘The Battle – A History of the Battle of Waterloo’. It’s every bit of a page turner as the the other two and just as exciting! As with all good history books it combines the facts with the narrative of the Battle, told from the perspective of those that were there. If you haven’t read this book , then I’m happy to recommend that you add it to your holiday reading list!

Prussian CommandSo over the last three weeks or so, progress on my projects have been slow to say the least. The hot weather brings other distractions and it doesn’t help that the paint was drying faster on the pallete than on the figures that I was painting. But work on the Prussians has progressed. I’ve finished an Officer & a sergeant and I also now have my Brigade Commanders completed. So I do have a Prussian brigade of Infantry that I can field in my next battle. Of course the brigade isn’t finished… I could do with completing the Jaeger as skirmishers that come with the set. I’ve started to assemble them but I have had problems with the arm holding the rifle on these figures. It seems that the rifle is a weak point and the rifle butt has snapped off on a couple of my figures. So I have decided to do a couple of minor conversions & replace the broken rifle arm with a musket arm from the Victrix British set. This does mean a bit of filing & filling with green stuff – the shoulder wings need removing, as does the piping on the cuffs and I’ve remodelled the cuff to match the other one. Apart from being a fidley job , it’s not too difficult. I don’t think that the musket rather than a rifle is too much of a problem, I am sure that there were jaegers with both. So that’s about it for this weeks blog – I’m off for a cold drink of something…..

Jaeger conversion

Jaeger conversion

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