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Good year – Bad Year?

As we approach the end of 2019, it’s a good time to reflect on the year and what has been achieved or not. No doubt, there will be plenty in the ‘official’ reviews of the year to keep us entertained, one way or another. Whilst the big things in life often define the year, it’s worth reflecting on the smaller things. My hobby is a case in point. I look back at the models that I have built and painted, the games that I have played and the places that I have visited and by and large, it’s been a very satisfying year.

Life sometimes throws rocks! My attempt at Iron Gates Scenery Trebuchet.

Life sometimes throws rocks! My attempt at Iron Gates Scenery Trebuchet.

The headlines are that I have added 258 painted figures to my collection; played at least 40 wargames in 8 or 9 different genres; rediscovered my love of board games; participated in two demo games and attended 8 or so wargames shows; and visited at least 6 historical sites. Add to that, the reading and research that I have done and the great company that I have enjoyed, and it’s fair to say that I have had a good year, thoroughly immersed in my hobby. So whilst there have been some ups and downs in both my personal and business life, my hobby has kept me grounded and given me something to look forward to when may be other things were going tit’s up, so to speak.

I wont bore you with everything that I have painted but here’s a few pictures of my favourite projects.

An Officer observes the launch!

An Officer observes the launch

One of my favourite Vignettes that I built was the Rocket troop from Warlord Games – the horse holder is a conversion.

British superiority is re-established!

One of our Demo games – Combat at Foz D’arouce.

We used the superb table built by Pete Harris in two Demo games. Above is the version played at the Bingham Napoleonic Day, below, the game played at the Warlord Games day.

Portuguese under pressure

I used my Portuguese for this battle – including my newly painted Portuguese Artillery

Much of the year has been spent working on my War of the Roses Army and play testing Andy Callan’s rules set, ‘Nevermind the Billhooks’.

Six Mounted men at arms -the rules set the we use has units of 8 cavalry.

Six Mounted men at arms -the rules set that we use has units of 8 cavalry.

I very much enjoyed this project as I felt I didn’t have to be too precise with colour schemes but could use my imagination.

One Unit of FootKnights

One Unit of FootKnights – I have four in the army!

One unit of Pikemen ( Crossbow men in the background)

The unit of Pikemen ( Crossbow men in the background) that were completed this year.

I still managed to add to My Napoleonic Army and finished the Highlander battalions that were at Waterloo.

The Black watch completes my Highland contingent at Waterloo.

The Black watch completes my Highland contingent at Waterloo.

I rediscovered my enjoyment of board games and found that the modern board games such as ‘Ticket to Ride’ and ‘Settlers of Catan’ were just as enjoyable to play as the classics. However, it was a classic that provided a fun evening for my friends, who had never played Space Crusade!

Space Orks.

Space Orks – coming to get you!

When it came to gaming, Black Powder remained a firm favourite although as a pleasant change from Napoleonics, our gaming group has been working through the American Civil war, courtesy of Andy’s ACW army.

Pour it on Boys!

Pour it on Boys!

Perhaps the one time when I did over indulge in wargaming was a whole weekend playing back to back games. A fantastic weekend in a superb setting with great company, the highlight being a massive Zulu game!

All is lost! The Zulus have broken through on the righ and more Warriors have arrived to overwhelm the centre. It's time to save the colours, Boys!

All is lost! The Zulus have broken through!

As the year closes, I am busily painting away in what ever spare time that I have. My focus is on finishing my War Of The Roses Army but as ever there is plenty to distract me. Whilst I don’t think that I will ever finish my Napoleonics, I will keep adding units as the whim takes me.

The next unit of archers on the workbench

The next unit of archers on the workbench

So to close for now, I would like to hope that anyone else in this funny little hobby has as much enjoyment as I do. I wish you all a happy and productive New Year!


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