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Getting the best from Spray Paints

They say that bad luck comes in threes and I suppose that it is one of those truths that I would prefer not to keep proving but this week it happened again. This time the culprit was spray paints. Myself and two customers had bad experiences with spray paints this week. I should have known better but despite all my experience, I still managed to ‘forget’ the basic lessons of using aerosol spray paints. I felt bad for my customers to. One in particular, who had a coat of varnish go bad on his model, had my sympathy. I knew exactly how he felt, he had spent 20 hours painting his model only to find that the final coat of varnish had ‘bloomed’ spoiling the shading on his masterpiece. Fortunately, you can usually cure the problem but it involves more work and of course it would be much better if it didn’t happen in the first place.

My problem occurred with the final spray coat on my new forge world Necron Pylon. Now just to be clear here, the model costs