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Friday round up

This week’s entry is brought to you to the sound of trashy FM, so if lyrics from what my mother still insists on calling ‘The Hit Parade’ creep in, my apologies.

After a bit of a delay we now have Conflix, Pegasus and Emhar stocks coming in. HOWEVER, the supplier themselves are awaiting imports and these are due in May.

On a similar vein, but we actually have these. Tauro. Yes Tauro AV7s and Fiats. We have them. After two years. No I really did say 2 years. I think they made the poor little tanks come by their own power frankly. But we have them, at last. I’d grab one while you can frankly.

Another back in stock is the Tamiya…*deep breath* …Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 18t und Tielfladeanhänger für PzKpFw Sd Ah 116…which is a bit of a mouthful even by German standards. For those not familiar with lengthy Germanic words it is a half track with transporter. It doesn’t come with the tank though. It makes a very large model which even if not used in game will certainly intimidate any visitors to the house. It is one of several LARGE kits we sell all of whom are fit to intimidate any window sales dude who might foolishly decide to enter your abode.

Finally we have increased our Vallejo range to include new textures, colours and accessories.

Woo, managed the whole post with no Jessie J lyrics creeping in