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Austrian Artillery Fusilier Battalion

Austrian Artillery Fusiliers

This week’s blog is courtesy of a long standing friend of Arcane Scenery, ‘Jonas Jones’.

Jonas, ┬áis constantly coming up with new ideas for the Trent Miniatures range using his vast knowledge of the French Revolutionary Wars. Many of the conversions that he creates just involve a simple ‘head swap’ or the addition of a weapon or piece of equipment. In this case, no converting is necessary, just a change of colour scheme.

Austrian Artillery Fusiliers Firing

Austrian Artillery Fusiliers Firing

The Austrian Artillery Fusilier Battalion ,1798 – 1801 was formed specifically to support the artillery batteries of the Austrian Army. The uniform and equipment was much the same as other infantry units except that rather than white uniforms, they were brown. The photographs will give you an idea of the colours to use and for wargamers that have an Austrian Army, painting in brown will be a nice change from the Austrian ‘white-as-far-as-the-eye-can-see’!

Austrian Artillery Fusiliers Firing - rear view

Austrian Artillery Fusiliers Firing – rear view

A battalion of troops dedicated to supporting Artillery give an interesting opportunity for some tweaks to the Black Powder rules. Perhaps giving Artillery accompanied by these troops the possibility of being supported in combat ( the current rules specify that Artillery cannot be supported in combat) and some degree of supporting fire when the Artillery is threatened would give a slightly different flavour to the Austrian army list.

Austrian Artillery Fusiliers in march column

Austrian Artillery Fusiliers in march column

Jonas has let me know that if you would like to paint your own Austrian Artillery Fusilier Battalion, you simply need to use the Trent Miniatures packs AH98/01, 02, 03 and 04. The figures above were actually painted by Dave Woodward – Jonas is too busy coming up with the next conversion idea to paint!

caribbean force

Changing the subject slightly…. I recently took the above picture to show a friend the extent of my Caribbean collection and surprised my self with how it has grown. There are over 100 figures in the army now, including a joint Royal Marine & Royal Navy landing force, 3 units of Black troops, a unit of 60th rifles and a substantial force of Maroons and slaves. I really must sort out some rules and get these troops on the table!