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What’s in the Box: Victrix 54mm Napoleonics


I have already mentioned that I was very impressed with the recently released Victrix 54mm British Peninsular Infantry Flank Companies Boxed Set. So I thought that I would show you the contents of the set.

There are 4 sprues in the box. Two sprues of Heads, Bodies and Arms:


One of the torso’s is for the Officer and one is for the Drummer, so this means that each box will contain 2 Officers and 2 drummers, leaving 12 torsos to make your rank and file. As there are 14 ‘non’ Drummer arms it will be fairly straight forward to convert one of the Drummers to another Rifle man if you would like the extra man. The officer has a choice of two sword arms so producing two different officers is quite straight forward by using the components supplied.

The other two sprues are weapons and packs:


Simply by mixing and matching the different arms, heads, torsos and packs you will be able to make a huge number of different poses. The box art is a great source for colour schemes and there are assembly instructions but even the most inexperienced modeller should be able to put these figures together successfully.

The set that I had will need the minimum of cleaning up. A quick scrape along the mould lines and sand along the sprue attachments and you will soon have a model ready for painting. All in all a superb addition to the range of 54mm figures available and by mixing with the other sets available from other manufacturers you should be able to produce your own Napoleonic wargaming army in 54mm.