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Warlord Hanoverian Infantry

After a short break from Napoleonics, I decided to get back on track with my British contingent. However, the German influence remains! Having finished the Prussian infantry for the time being, I am moving onto Hanoverians! The plan is to complete the British 6th Infantry Division as they appeared at Waterloo. Which means that I need to paint 4 battalions of Hanoverian Landwehr to make the 4th Hanoverian Brigade that was one half of the division. The Other half was made up of 3 British Battalions, the 4th Kings Own, 27th Inniskillings, and the 40th Sommersets. ( There was a forth battalion, the 81st, but they were left in Brussels).

warlord hanoverians

I already have completed the 4th, 27th and Verden Landwehr and so need to paint three more Landwehr battalions, the Luneberg, Munden and Osterode, a total of 72 figures. I’ve decided to use the Warlord Games Hanoverian boxed set and use the flat peaked field caps for two of the battalions, the other will be in Stovepipe shakos for a bit of difference.

2014-08-28 11.04.46The Warlord figures are nice and straight forward to put together and have very little flash to worry about. A bit of cleaning with a file & a scrape with a knife and they are ready for undercoating. Here’s the first batch of 5 ready to be sprayed.

I’m going to use army painter grey spray for the undercoat. This will save time painting the trousers & blanket rolls and the grey takes the red for the jackets better than the other way around. I wont base them at this stage, the small bases that they are on will be good enough to hold whilst painting although I know that the ‘professionals’ would mount them on temporary bases. I am going to be batch painting a large amount again, so I’m happy to work with them as they are. It will also allow me to base them as fours on larger 40mm square bases once they are completed. As always, for my painting guide, I use the Mont st Jean site, which gives a nice clear picture of how to paint my figures.LandwehrHanovre

The reference material supplied with the warlord set is also very good as well. The point is made in the leaflet that not too many hard facts survive regarding the exact details of the Landwehr uniform but from the research that I have done, I wont be too far out following these colours. I suspect having the battalion in field caps is a stretch, regarding accuracy, but as I have said , it will make for a bit of difference on the battlefield and help to differentiate the battalions. As for flags, there is even less information, so I’ll use a bit of licence when solving this problem! One final thought, The Hanoverian Landwehr didn’t have flank companies but the warlord include figures with flank epaulets. Technically, I need to remove these but I suspect that I’ll just paint them when the time comes….