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Well I suppose the big news is that it is pretty much confirmed that Games Workshop will be re releasing Space Hulk this Autumn. I’ve heard that it will be in partnership with a games company, probally Milton Bradley but that is just speculation. There’s been a lot of demand for the release of this game for some time and justifiably so, it is a superb board game and a great introduction to the hobby, so I’ll be putting it on my Christmas list.

The other news that caught my attention is that HaT are to release a series of 28mm hard plastic figures. I have always admired the HaT range for both the depth and variety as well as the standard of the figures themselves. Up until now the Company has developed a superb range of 1/72 nd or 20mm scale figures with a smaller supporting range of 1/32nd scale or 54mm figures. The beauty of the 28mm scale is that they will be compatable with the growing ranges of Victrix, Perry Miniatures and Warlord Games figures. In true HaT tradition though, they appear to be issuing the more unusual regiments & races.

Hat 28mmspanish French Light Infantry28mm

This is great news for the Hobby and I look forward to seeing even more from this Company. I understand that the releases will happen in the Autumn so watch this space for more news.

Finally, some more new releases from another great little model company, Pegasus. They’ve just released 1/72 scale versions of the following: Russian Infantry in summer uniform; Russian Infantry in Winter uniform; T34/85; KV1 early model & KV2 ; KV1 with welded turrets; Russian Ba6 Armoured car and finally, BT7 Russian Light Tank. So great news if you’re a fan of Russian World War Two armour & troops and of course ideal for wargamers as the tanks are all quick build. I’ve no pictures to show you but I expect stock on Tuesday 18th August, so check in my shop to see these items.

And just to round things off, Pegasus are also releasing some great scenery items…. Craters, Bricks, crates and rubble…lovely stuff for wargames scenery……again, it will be in stock next Tuesday.

Thats all for now!