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Necron Genesis or how I built my Necron Army Part 1!

I can’t help it but I like the whole necron army concept. I’ve been playing warhammer40K since the second edition and collecting before that. If you dont believe me, I’ll upload some ancient figures that I painted back in 1983 and I’m not sure who will be the most embarrassed, me for the standard of painting or Citadel, for the standards of production……Still, that’s another story, back to the Necrons.

When the first Necron Raiders were released I grabbed a few of the figures but there wasn’t really enough variety to prize me away from Space Marines and Imperial Guard. However, on the release of the new 5th edition rules I thought that it was time to try a new Army and Necrons came to mind.

Lets be fair, part of the attraction was the fairly simple paint job. I’m not the fastest painter in the hobby and I do like to field a painted army, so Necrons were ideal. The other attraction was the fairly limited choice of unit types. This would give me the chance to collect every type of unit and try them in different combinations in different situations.

necrons troops 005

Having decided on Necrons as the new army, the next choice was to work on the colour scheme. That took about 5 seconds….I went for a very conservative silver. Well, they’re robots that look remarkably like Terminators (I’m sure any simililarity is purely co incidental, a company like Games Workshop wouldn’t dream of taking somebody else’s IP…..’I’ll be back’ indeed!) However, just to add a bit of colour I went back and added red to the shoulder pads.

necrons troops 006

The final bit was to decide on a basing scheme. After advise from the professionals from Middle Earth Studios, the clever people who paint the commissions for my shop, I decided on a simple Terracotta, highlighted up with bleached Bone and a touch of white. To seperate out the squads, I put scarabs on the bases of some and used a green crystal on the others. The Green crystals were to represent some sort of alien vegetation and became part of the background story as my army developed.

So I’ve got a basic colour scheme, a consistent basing system and the start of a background story, my army was on the way!

I mentioned the collecting thing earlier. Of course, having a true anorack gene embedded in me, I had to incorporate some of the older Necron models. So I painted the classic models that I had collected to form another squad.

necrons troops 003

necrons troops 004

I also had some Space Crusade Chaos Androids, which look like they were the forerunners for the Necrons, so I painted these in a similar style to form another squad of troops. As you can see, one had a broken gun, so I replaced it with a spare necron gun.

necrons troops 001

necrons troops 002

Finally, I said that I liked collecting. I found these special necrons issued to celebrate Games Workshops silver anniversary. I use them as Objectives during missions…..

silver necs 001

So, that just about covers the troops, next time I’ll look at the HQ section…I’ll be back……