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The Somersetshires take shape!

2014-11-27 13.17.24

With one eye on the coming 200th anniversary of Waterloo, I am still adding units to my Napoleonic Army. Work is progressing slowly as I am being distracted by the need to finish my new Lion Rampant Retinue for a games day on 31st January and the steady stream of releases from Lucid eye and DeeZee. More of the latter in another post. Back to Napoleonics, though and as you can see from the picture, I have painted the two Mounted Colonels from Victrix as commanding officers for the 1/27  and 1/40 battallions. As both these units had buff facings, the officers would probably had the same, although as ever, it depends which reference that you look at. Some show a dark blue facing on the uniform and from what I have read, some officers customised their uniforms according to their own taste. Still, they look pretty enough for the wargames table, so they will do for me!

The rank and file for the 1/40 are in progress, with the six men representing the two flank company’s almost completed. Here is a picture of them, work in progress, just having been sprayed with matt varnish after coating in army painter strong tone. They now need basing and I will retouch the lighter colours and metallics to enhance the highlights. So it is just the command group to finish and another battalion will be ready for the table!2014-12-11 09.55.34