Friday round up

Bonjour mes amis ou mes armées…

Last week we skipped the Friday round up, sorry chaps.

We do have some new and forthcoming items to make up for no round up last week…

Not new, but reissue is the Warlord Roman batallion/starter set; this reissue offers a great bargain at a penny under £60 you get:
60 Plastic Legionaries
20 Plastic Praetorians
20 Plastic Veterans
24 Plastic Auxiliaries

Also from Warlord there is…*deep breath* Dacian Commander, Roman Casulties, Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Duke of Cumberland,and Imperial Harquebusiers.

From the Plastic Soldier Company we have two 15mm Sherman Tanks, in umm wet and dry

We now carry all the Artizan Wild West range…

And from AFV we have some ammo  and tracks 



Saws…we have saws (yes that’s saws not sores…) from Expo we have the ultra thin razor saw and the jewellery saw

AND forthcoming we will be stocking some more Tamiya items and from Zvedza we will have the 38T tank and the Reconnaissance group forthwith…

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Friday Round Up

We have received in our restocks of Expo Tools, for those of you who aren’t familiar with this range, Expo do a comprehensive range of tools for the modeller with everything from knives, files, drills, sprue cutters through to magnifying glasses and even reading glasses.

In addition Expo also supply the superb Albion Alloys range which includes brass tube, rod and sheet, aluminium tubing, and precision engineered microtube.

We have also received their new releases a plank bending tool, and two varieties of pin pusher.

You may not have heard of these tools before, they are invaluable for railway and boat modelling enthusiasts, but we also think they are extremely useful for all you scenery builders out there.

In scenery this week we have restocks and some new items. The Treemendus individual leaf packs allow you to super detail your bases, or even produce your own trees. We have restocks on Javis trees and scenic scatters.

We also have restocks on plasticard.