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New High Elves from a New Company!

Kings of War ElvesOne of the joys of working with a community of like minded businesses is that you get to see some of the new products in the pipeline well before they are released. There’s also a great buzz and excitement around the product as the intitial concepts turn into reality.

Mantic Entertainment are a new Company, headed up by Ronnie Renton, (he has had many years experience in the wargaming business, (primarily working for Games Workshop) and they are about to launch a range of Fantasy figures under the ‘Kings of War’ brand.

New Kings Of War Elves Set

New Kings Of War Elves Set

I was fortunate enough to see the intial ‘3 ups’ before the models went into production and they looked brilliant. The sculptor had done a superb job in capturing the Elves character and the figures looked like they were from a seperate race, rather than just humans with pointy ears! Mantic have also given a great deal of thought as to how gamers will use the figures, so they are sold in units that will ‘rank up’ to form battle squads and I’m told that the packaging will be different as well in that you can use it to hold your painted figures.

So I was very excited to see the actual plastic figures this week. They really do look superb and I am sure that you will agree, combine the lithe, elegant form that you would expect from Elves whilst looking sufficiently warlike to intimidate mere mortals!

Painted Mantic Figures

I understand that the price of these new figures will also be extremely competitive and affordable so you will be able to build really big armies for a reasonable budget! The official release will be later in the year around the end of September.

It’s great to see new product from a new company and even better when it is as good as this. Well done Mantic!