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It’s Snowing…..Yippee!

I really don’t mind the snow. Even though the days of me going out and playing in it have passed, I like the change of the seasons and snow is a perfectly natural part of this change. I’ve mentioned before, that the big advantage of snow is that my garden now looks as good as everyone else’s in the street and I dont have to feel guilty about not doing any chores outside.

Its snowing!

In fact, it’s the perfect weather for modelling! The only other downside of snow is that you have to put up with a load of busybodies telling you how to stay safe and warm, so with that in mind I’d thought that I’d put my two penneth worth in and give you my guide to modelling in extreme weather conditions…….

Wear the correct clothing

The danger of sitting down and painting when it’s a bit chilly is that you can get cold faster than usual. I find that an extra pair of socks is a good idea and always do up the front of your dressing gown to make sure that the cord doesn’t get tangled in your work board. If you have got dressed this won’t be a problem but make sure you have an old jumper on. I have lost count of the times that I’ve been told off for getting paint down my new jumper. Even better, make sure that your work station is positioned next to a radiator, preferably at your back to ensure that your kidneys are warm – this is very important – see the next point.

Keep your fluid levels up

I think that from the outset, it’s important to stress that alcohol and modelling don’t mix well. The worst thing that you can do is develop a case of beer goggles only to wake up the next day to find that the masterpiece that you were working on looks like an explosion in a paint factory. Keep the booze for later! I recommend plenty of warm drinks, tea or coffee, at least hourly, which is why your kidneys need to be in tip top shape.

Avoid extreme exercise

This means any form of DIY or household chores – you need to be fully focused on your modelling. The danger here is that the missus may get bored because she can’t get out of the house and start looking for things for you to do. Outside chores are a definite no but she may find something inside for you to repair. The answer here is to say that you haven’t got the right tool for the job and that you can’t get to the DIY shop. A sharp intake of breath followed by ‘I’ll need a retaining plunger to get that sorted, but I haven’t got one the right size’ is usually enough of a smokescreen to get out of the job. The trickier one is the decorating issue. Just point out that it says on the paint tin that the paint can’t be used in cold weather so painting is out of the question. If the question arises as to ‘how come you’re painting your models then?’ you can point out that no such warning is printed on the side of modelling paints & these are special, magical paints…..

Fatigue can be dangerous

You can have too much of a good thing and regular breaks are important. But beware, I have had a situation where I thought I’d take a break from modelling and switched on the History Channel only to find that there was a re-run of a Catherine Cookson show…Aaaaagh! Fortunately, I have an emergency DVD collection and I recommend that all modellers should at least have the following titles available: Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Zulu, Waterloo, Generation Kill, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Enemy at the Gates, Black Hawk Down and Master and Commander. Watching any of these is usually enough to re-invigorate me, ready for another modelling session.

Maintain the correct calorie intake

I really don’t need to give specific advice here, other than to remind you of the fourth (and most important) emergency service – pizza delivery – I’m in awe of their ability to get a pepperoni meat feast out in the worst of weathers.

So there we are, a few hints and tips to help you enjoy your modelling in the ‘Big Freeze’ or as it used to be known, Winter. Happy modelling!