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How to strip paint from Plastic Models safely.

I have been looking for a simple and safe way of getting paint off of second hand plastic models for some time now. Metal models are usually quite straight forward to strip down. Just put them in with some harsh solvent and you know that the paint will be removed and the metal model will be pretty safe. The only problem was that the solvent was usually quite harsh ( I know some guys that use brake fluid..not recommended!) and if you weren’t dressed in a full body chem suit there was a danger that you would disolve yourself. OK, I’m exagerating slightly but you get the point. Of course, you couldn’t possibly put plastic figures in these solvents as you would disolve your model as well.

So it was with some surprise that I found the answer in the wife’s Kitchen cupboard. Well actually, I found the answer when I caught Andy from Ibis Miniatures with his hands in the canteen sink apparently doing some washing up. This was a very strange event, as the boys from Ibis only tend to wash their dishes up once a month or so, and it was only the middle of the month. ‘What’s going on?’ I asked. ‘I’m just getting some paint off of these figures’ Andy replied. ‘What, with just water……’ At that point Andy gave me one of his whithering looks he normally reserves for opponents on the wargaming table. ‘No, Ive sprayed them with Fairy Power Spray first and I’m just washing the paint off.’ Sure enough, that was what he was doing and it works beautifully.fairy power spary

It really is as simple as this to use. Place your plastic models in a plastic bowl or container. Give the models a good spray with the Fairy Power Spray, making sure that you cover each model thoroughly. Leave for 20 minutes or so. Wash off in warm water and use an old tooth brush or similar to remove the paint from the model. Let models dry. Your models will now be ready to undercoat and repaint. The Power spray is quite safe to use so long as you follow normal sensible precautions and dont do anything silly like drink it or squirt it in your eyes. Pink Marigolds are optional. It costs just