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How to shop with Arcane Scenery: the eBay store

Okay first of all for many of you this is going to be a case of female grandparents and chicken foetuses, and if so, you can probably toddle off to skirmish. But for those who find eBay a world of bafflement hold on, we’re going to explain (or at least try)…

When shopping on the Arcane Scenery eBay store, on the left hand side of your screen you will see a search box and a list of shop categories. If you are looking for a specific item, simply type the name into the shop search box. For example, if you are looking for a Tiger Tank, you can type ‘Tiger’ into the search box and all of the different types of Tiger tank will be displayed.

If you are just wanting to browse, to find something that takes your fancy, you can use the categories which are located below the box. The Arcane Scenery store uses two types of category:

  • CAPITAL LETTERS are for the different Manufacturers that are currently stocked. So if you would like to view just AIRFIX KITS, click on this category and all of the Airfix kits currently in stock will be displayed. You will also see that the sub categories are then revealed. So you can now look at the sub category that interests you by clicking the sub category. If you want to look at Airfix planes, just click on this sub category and only these will be displayed on your screen.
  • In the lower half of the shop categories list, the items can be sorted by Period or type. So if you would like to see all of the Napoleonic era items from all manufacturers, simply click on Napoleonic Wars and they will be displayed. When you click on a category, a set of sub categories will be revealed to enable you to browse by scale. So you can now choose to look at just one scale of Napoleonic figures by selecting from the list displayed.

The historical periods that are listed are somewhat simplified. The Ancients & Romans will cover anything from cavemen right through to around 1066 and the Normans & Anglo Saxons.

Medieval Wars will go from 1066 through to around 1600 and for simplicity, takes in the Renaissance as well. Pike & shot features the English Civil wars and runs to about 1700. Horse & Musket runs from 1700 through to 1780 and then it is on to Napoleonic Wars which only feature the wars of Napoleon.

And this week we have a new category especially for all you Flames of War fans:- “15mm, FOW Compatible Kits etc” which can be found in the historical section under The Second World War.