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Friday Round Up

Okay. Confession times folks. You may have noticed no post on Monday for which we apologise profusely. Bluntly technology has not been our friend this week. But we’re fighting it and hopefully winning.

Confession two. No new release. None. Nada. Lots of restocks. Lots and lots. but nothing new. So today we thought we would spotlight on a few of our favourite manufacturers.

Wargames Factory

Their box art can be a bit ummm unusual, but the quality of their products and the expanse of their range cannot be disputed. You want ancient Japan…they’ve got them, you want Amazons…they’ve got them. Modern wars, ancient wars and all kinds of relatively under-done areas. AND if you have a really specific army that you are looking for, that nobody makes, you can even vote for them to make them here. They¬†American and Chinese in origin with a rather colourful history, but we really like their models.


Hobby Boss

Also from China come HobbyBoss. Unless you read Han their website can be a bit perplexing. Even in English. What isn’t perplexing is how much of a bargain they are. Really. Seriously. They are as cheap as the proverbial chips, but they are, and I risk sounding like Del Boy here, top quality. They really are beautiful things. Lovely moulding, lots of detail. We love them.



From the other East this time comes Zvedza. The moral of today’s post seems to be communism and post communism leads to great model making. They’ve been around since 1989 and make both model kits and board games. They make the moulds, cast and essentially follow the whole production process through from scratch to ensure that they can control the whole process through from the beginning to the end. For fans of Russian tanks Zvedza, or star as their buddies like to call them, are absolutely fabulous with their precision and detail. They also do some beautiful little scenery pieces for World War II scenes.

Hopefully next week we will have some new items to tell you about, but until then have a good weekend.