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Monday Round up

Do you like tanks? You do? Well do we have an update for you. Especially if you like your tanks BIG. We have lots of new tanks, reappearing tanks and range extensions. On mission “Complete the range” we have extended many of our 1:35 scale ranges. We have so many tanks in this round  up that they are by country…


There’s the Zvedva T 34/85  and T34/76 and T90



The VK4502 Vorne from HobbyBoss, the Tamiya PzrKpfWgn IV, the HobbyBoss Land Wasser Schlepper with a rather awesome grin (who doesn’t want a smiling tank?) and MRAV Boxer. Then from Armourfast, tanks that are so good even the pernickety folk in Military Models seem to like them, we have the StuIG 33B and Panzer IV D; not only are they great kits, you get two tanks in each kit. And to complete your tank there is the Tamiya Tank Crew. If you prefer your vehicles a bit smaller there is the BMW motorbike.



From Tamiya there is the Crusader Mark I/II and Universal Carrier. And from Miniart, a new but already very popular company, we have the Dingo Mark III Scout Car.


The ZLC2000 Airborne IFV (does that mean they fly this thing?!) from HobbyBoss

Uncle Sam

The Tamiya M36 , HobbyBoss M4A3E8 with its terrifying mouth, and Armourfast M36


But if tanks aren’t your thing, don’t despair, we have plenty of new items for you too.

From Trent Miniatures we have some new ‘battalion’ packs. Its on quotes, because whilst some are actual battalions, it is hard to say the revolting slaves are a battalion. More of a large group of rather angry people, but that’s a bit lengthy to stick on the box. The revolting slaves and the consular garde are our favourites from the new packs, and are ideal for extending your Haitian revolutions or late eighteenth century forces.

If your tastes are a little more Wild West than West Indies then the new bank from the range of wooden buildings  may suit you perfectly. As would the Crusader Woodland Indians.

For Saga fans, and we know there are many of you, we have a new range of counters, with designs for each of the different armies, so you can keep track of where you are in the game easily. Also for keeping track we have measuring sticks for the armies, so that you can easily identify possible attacks without having to carry a geometry set around with you.

From Strelets, who are great for those really unusual armies, we have some new Swedes, French and Romans. Its worth a browse through the Strelets category just to see the diversity!


Till next time, happy modelling!