Workbench round up for May

The subtitle should be ‘where did that month go’! If you were to talk to my wife, she would confirm that I have spent as much time as ever out in the war room painting but somehow, I don’t have quite as much to show for the time. I think that I know the answer, I can sum it up in one word: Landsknechts! More on these later.

I have completed a rather odd trio of personality figures. In the middle is Irena Sendler or as she is sometimes known, Irena Sendlerowa. The figure was given out at the recent Partizan show and in keeping with my resolution not to add to my lead pile, rather than putting ‘her’ to one side, she was promoted to the painting desk. I needed to find out who exactly Irena was and why she was being sculpted at all. This wiki article will tell you all you need to know:


Suffice to say, she was a Polish hero that fought the Nazis in WW2, rescuing many Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto and I am glad that researching the figure gave me the opportunity to read her story. I decided to place her on a renedra paved base, surrounded by debris as a nod towards the conditions in which she was working. I’m not entirely pleased with the ‘finished’ result – I’ve made a bit of a hash with her eyes, which confirms why I usually dont bother! I may have to go back and have another attempt!

The other two figures are from the ‘Battle Games in Middle Earth’ magazine. I am gradually working my way through the series and with these figures, I have now reached issue 31.

King Theoden was the most challenging to paint. I’m very happy with the result and he is now safely in the display cabinet.

I’m also quite happy with the Uruk-Hai berserker. A much more straight forward paint job than Theoden but a nice addition to the collection. I must at some point have a round up of all the figures that I have painted in this collection just to show them off. Perhaps a project to mark when I reach issue 50!

The project that is taking most of my painting time is my Landsknecht unit. I have decide to branch out into the Italian wars for ‘Never Mind The Billhooks’ by painting a Landsknecht contingent. I’ll need about 96 figures and at the rate I am painting, I should have them done for the autumn!

As you can see, I have 12 Dopplesoldiers more or less complete and 6 pikemen well on the way. I hope to do a full article showing how I have approached the task of painting them. It’s certainly a challenge but they do look nice when they are done! Like everything, the more you do the easier it becomes as you learn that there are some quick wins. So that’s it for now.


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