Friday round up…

This week we have some great new releases and restocks…

First of all some treats for all you Flames of War fans…We are now stocking some lovely buildings, which will be discussed in more detail on Monday, suitable for town and village settings. There’s also some new Zvezda WWII items, such as this 1/100 Russian BT-5, which snaps together rather than being glued. Helpful for those with bigger fingers, or a tendency to glue themselves…







We also have new Zvezda Spartans






And this week brings restocks on Pegasus items.

The most exciting new stock this week is the Roden Rolls Royce Armoured Car from 1914.   It is 1/35th scale and recreates one of the earliest armoured cars from the British military. The cars, which were use in World War I and the first part of World War II, used the chassis from Silver Ghosts and added space for a Vickers turret. They were used in both Western front theatre and in the Middle East.  This is a lovely model which would work well in any First World War scenario…


Friday round up

It was yet another bank holiday this week so not many releases…

The new  PzKpfw IV Ausf H Panzer IV 1/72 scale Revell kit 3184 is now in stock ready for WWII battles

The armoured fighting vehicle Pzkpfw. IV formed the backbone of the German tank units in World War II. Between 1933 and 1945 it was built in greater numbers than any other German battle tank of the period. The H version, which for the first time was equipped with side skirts to increase armoured protection, was built from 1943 to 1944.

– Authentic surface details
– Movable turret with stowage lockers
– MG 34
– Side aprons
– Injection moulded tracks with individual links and segments
– Decals for two German versions
No. of parts 204
Length 97 mm

ummm and that’s about it on new releases this week. However, Italeri have a forthcoming new release that we thought you might like to know about…1/35th scale Lend Lease U.S. Truck with ZIS-3 Gun

The US6 transport lorry, developed by Studebaker at
the beginning of World War II for the American armed
forces, was created with an initial lot of 200,000 in a
good thirteen versions to meet a variety of logistical
needs: troop and material transport, refuelling, and
heavy-trailer hauling. The US6 was a 2.5-Tonne class
with petrol engine and integral traction in the dual
6×6 and 6×4 configuration, guaranteeing excellent
off-road performance.

Despite the vehicle’s incredible characteristics, it was used in a limited fashion by the American armed forces. The Soviet armed forces, on the other hand, used it extensively, having received from the American government in 1942 (to assist in fighting the Germans), over 105,000 vehicles in the 6×6 version and 90,000 of the 6×4’s. In Russia, this
vehicle was widely used as a tractor for anti-tank ZIS-3 cannons and other OBC. Furthermore, a “Katiusha”
multi-missile launcher was added to the US6 frame.

This vehicle should be available some time in the next month, but rest assured we will let you know as soon as it is here…