Friday Round Up

Hellooooo, we have a proper Friday round up this week…oh yes you heard me right…an actual Friday round up…

Forces of Valor (or Valour if you are a British English speaker) are best known for their die-cast figures, the bossman is a fan of their 1/32 scale  die-casts. Now they have released a range of plastic vehicle kits, 8 in all, and we have the whole range. They are well moulded kits, with details of specific markings for particular troops. The boxes have divided the office Steve thinks they don’t do the models justice, however, the correct side of the office likes the noir atmosphere…


We have also extended the Dapol range of railway scenery, with more wagons and platform accessories. Though not directly related to wargaming we do like the range. Not to mention that the presence of a train on your table has been statistically proven to increase your winning capability by 98% (okay so I made that up, but seriously, you need trains on your table…I don’t care that you’re playing Romans, they’d have had trains if they’d got round to inventing them before they all died…)

From Hobby Boss, a company with whom The Boss is so in love with that we swear if human-company marriages ever become legal… So anyway from Hobby Boss we have a HUGE tank carrier…and I mean


The M1070 is an American tank trailer in 1/35 scale and is massive! Currently taking up a good chunk of a desk, it’s a tad spendy but boy is it worth it…this will keep you plenty occupied for some time…and frankly is this not the most perfect table piece…you could buy it and have it ready for next Christmas…much better than all those mangy poinsettias. In the UK it will be post free, however, international customers should remember that because of its size we do have to send it courier, and that might be a wee bit, depending on where you live and what your currency is like against the pound at the moment.

Also new from Hobby Boss, a bit smaller but no less impressive is the RSOV Jeep and a Chinese APC.

Sticking with the tank theme, from Italeri we now have the M6 Paladin a self propelled 1.5mm artillery gun and an accessory set containing guns and ammo crates and all kinds of things.

Also from Italeri we have the somewhat unusual Spingarde and Mantel from their Leonardo Da Vinci War machines range. This model requires no glue and no paint (though you could if you fancied it a different colour) and can apparently be constructed in 30 minutes or less. We haven’t tested this temporal restriction yet, mind. For those unsure as to what a spingarde and mantel is, the nice little translation on the side of the box sums it up best, its a cannon with a “shed”, or for those of a more biological bent its a one legged shooting squid. And shoot it does. It actually can propel little arrows.

Not too far historically from Snr Da Vinci we have Trent Miniatures battalion packs which overall save you £12 on the price of buying the individual troops they are conveniently packaged in a neat clamshell design (okay its a VHS case), and similarly the wagons have now been repacked like this for better security of the parts.

For product update fans do look out for Monday’s post which will be dedicated to one new range which has been a big hit in the office.

Friday round up

In amongst all the inevitable socks (useful, if dull), pants (ditto), aftershaves (what message is that really sending hmm?) and other items you will have to jumper smile* at you may get some nice shiny monies for Christmas. It’s a struggle trying to think what to spend all those pretty coins on, but lucky for you we have some suggestions…

From Trumpeter we have some more lovely tanks to add to our ever growing range…

We’re also adding more and more to our Tamiya range, so now it includes all kinds of awesome things including 1:35 Livestock (I want! It has chickens. Chickens!)

(and they’ll be on the website before Christmas eve, unless Steve has too many alcoholic mince pies)

One new item this week that we are super excited about is the Pegasus V2, and its little buddy the V1 (am I the only one having a Dr Strangelove moment here?).

From HobbyBoss a  Landing Craft, which some folk around here have suggested they might like to stick a little RC thingummy in (highly technical we are)…but as is, it is fabulous

and also from HobbyBoss we have track kits

Whilst we have also extended our Dalpol range

Friday Round Up….

Well hello there…do we have some exciting things for you? Yes, yes we do.

First of all some more beautiful wooden buildings. You know how much we love these MDF buildings, but now added to the range are Dutch-Belgian buildings. These gorgeous, shapely roofed pieces will look awesome in WWI, and WWII skirmish scenes. They will also suit any Flemish inspired table, stick a canal in front et voila (or rather “en versluierde”) you have Rotterdam, or Bruges.

We are continually (continually I tell you, dear reader) getting in new Tamiya paints, our range literally increases on a weekly, almost daily, basis. You can find our Tamiya paints here, and if there doesn’t appear to be quite the colour you want today check back tomorrow!

From Trent Miniatures, another of our beloved ranges, we now have more Irish militia. Currently Steve is drowning under a pile of Tamiya paints, so as we speak only the Yeoman are currently up on the eBay store, but soon more will be online.

Forthcoming items (aka “things that Steve hasn’t had chance to list yet”)… Wargames Factory Samurai figures, Italeri Vosper  MTB 77 in 1/35scale (it’s huuuuge) and genius little flat pack wagons…


American fortnight: Product Highlights

Since this is American fortnight (North and South, but mostly North, and umm mostly USA focussed (sorry Canada)) we thought we would show you some of our American focussed stock, of which we are especially fond…

We have mentioned the Western Buildings before, but we thought they were worth another mention…we like them *that* much

The office set are painted up to Steve’s vision of all things western, but these intricate little buildings could just as easily be a Mexican frontier town as a Texan one.

And since no Western town would be complete without some gunslingin’ cowpokes, rustlers and maybe even a sheriff there are cowboys available  from Artizan,  or if y’all need slightly bigger guns there are the 54mm Weston, and  Timpo chaps.

But if your American interests are a bit less O.K. Corral; we have some less desert cactus and more bloody fights for freedom models…

From Perry Miniatures the American Civil War Infantry.

From Hat the Zouaves, there are also Perry Miniatures Zouaves too.

Other Americana available in store includes:

Perry Miniatures North American shop
Artizan Mexican Infantry
Crusader True Grit Marshall
Call to Arms Union Infantry
Italeri Union Cavalry
Imex Alamo Mexicans
And lots and lots more

Friday Round Up

Hello Wargamers…this Friday round up we have everything from tanks to Mongol hordes, ruined shops to hummers , and even some potential resistance fighters…

The Airfix ruined buildings are great scenery for adding some devastation and colour to World War two or one skirmishes in 1/76


The (rather gothic) Church, town house and four storey shop are all under £20.

Moving swiftly on by about sixty odd years Brand new from Academy is the M1151 HMMWV a four seat transportation vehicle which appears in the HBO series

Staying with vehicles from Italeri we move onto the 1/24 Long Wheel Base 109″ Land Rover. The 1/24th is an unusual scale for us to stock, but Steve was unable to resist an icon of British military transportation and so for those of you who like everything a bit bigger we have them in stock.

And also from Italeri we have the “Jumbo” Sherman M4A3E2, which confusingly for some of us (me) is in 1:72 scale so a somewhat diminutive jumbo. It is however, made especially for war gamers and thus instead of lots of minuscule parts there are only 12 bits.

Are you a Golden Horde in 1/72

And finally we have some restocks on Dapol railwaymen and platform people. Primarily these 20mm folk are intended as background for model railways and all look as though they live somewhere around 1952 (I live next to a train track and I can assure you I have not seen a single bowler hat on any of those Network Rail chaps). However, with some amendments they could work in a variety of skirmish settings…beheaded and reheaded railwaymen could become trench digging soldiers or POWs, and the bored passengers could be le resistance (there’s one chap who looks as though you wouldn’t want him stood behind you at a bus stop if you happen to be a dissident…)


Friday Round Up

We have some fabulous new stock and some very exciting forthcoming stock….

From Zvedza, designed for their own game, ‘Art of Tactic’, but ideal for Flames of War gamers a Soviet ZIS-5 truck, German Opelblitz truck, Soviet KV-1 tank and two Soviet soldiers with their 82-MM mortar.


Also new in stock are some unusual tanks from Hobby Boss. Steve has long been a really big fan of Hobby Boss products for their ability to produce really good quality moulding for a relatively low price.

First of the three is the PzKpfw I Ausf. C (VK601) 1/35 which was in service 1942 to 1945, and manufactured by Krauss-Maffei. A light tank with space for a crew of 2 it weighed 8000kg and came armed with one 7.92mm EW 141 and one 7.92mm MG 34 machine. The Maybach HL 45P engine could reach up to 79km/h.


Second of the three new kits is the VK4502 [P] Hintern tank. There are lots of details about this Porsche designed tank at Michael McSwiney’s Technical Virtue.

And third, and most interesting (in the humble opinion of the office) is the Land-Wasser-Schlepper an amphibious vehicle  in its early un-armoured version. Disappointingly  there appears to be no German Shepherd kit available to recreate the cover picture…

Keeping to the tank theme we have a rather exciting coming soon from Italeri. The Crusader III  was the first British tank to mount the 6 pounder gun, around 100 participated in the Second Battle of El Alamein.  This is a classic Italeri kit.

Friday round up…

Welcome to lovely sunny Friday round up war gamers of internetland…

There have been a lot of restocks this week …  we have topped up our A Call to Arms range and it’s good to have the range of Zulu’s back in stock in 1/32 scale, featuring Zulus from the battles of Ulundi, Isandlwana and of course Rorkes Drift.

We’ve also restocked across the range of Italeri and now have good availability on the 1/72 military kits and figure ranges, 1/35th scale tanks and AFV’s, 1/48th scale military kits and the 1/32 scale soldiers range.

We mentioned some new releases last week and we’re pleased to say that they have arrived and will be available in the ebay shop for the weekend.

Also on the restock list is Academy Kits in 1/35th scale and we’ve topped up on some of the Emhar WW1 soldier sets. To go with these we now have three versions of the Rolls Royce Armoured car from Roden available!

As if this all wasn’t enough, we have had a big restock on Evergreen plastics some of which at first sight might look sort of like the things that hold the backs of bookcases together, but are in fact the secret to some gorgeous made from scratch models. If you’ve got a vision of something amazing that you want for your tabletop, and there isn’t quite anything in the pre-made world that meets your ambition, then the styrene sheets and pieces may be exactly what you need. If you want some inspiration have a look at some of these examples from the people at Evergreen.

And finally more stock in from Expo tools so there are plenty of glues, tools and accessories to keep you modelling!


Friday Round Up…

New this week in the Arcane Scenery store only (so not in our eBay store at the moment) we have new Warlord support packs of WW2 Polish troops and Russians


We also now have enough Artizan Wild West figures to recreate the Alamo in the comfort of your own home  (though we’d suggest no actual hut burning indoors) with Texians, N’orleans Greys, Mexicans and the heroes of the Alamo who strike a remarkable resemblance to Davy Crockett, William B Travis and David Bowie Jim Bowen Jim Bowie.

And forthcoming from Italeri we will have the M-3 Stuart American tank which was used in Operation Torch in North Africa. It was used on reconnaissance flanking Sherman tanks, as it’s main gun was too small to penetrate the larger more substantial tanks on the other side.  It will be in 1:35 plastic kit form.

This is likely to be available in the Autumn, but we will let you know as soon as they trundle through the Arcane Scenery doors.

Also coming up from Italeri are some new scenery pieces which we thought might whet your appetite for WW2 scenes….

Friday round up…

This week we have some great new releases and restocks…

First of all some treats for all you Flames of War fans…We are now stocking some lovely buildings, which will be discussed in more detail on Monday, suitable for town and village settings. There’s also some new Zvezda WWII items, such as this 1/100 Russian BT-5, which snaps together rather than being glued. Helpful for those with bigger fingers, or a tendency to glue themselves…







We also have new Zvezda Spartans






And this week brings restocks on Pegasus items.

The most exciting new stock this week is the Roden Rolls Royce Armoured Car from 1914.   It is 1/35th scale and recreates one of the earliest armoured cars from the British military. The cars, which were use in World War I and the first part of World War II, used the chassis from Silver Ghosts and added space for a Vickers turret. They were used in both Western front theatre and in the Middle East.  This is a lovely model which would work well in any First World War scenario…


Friday round up

It was yet another bank holiday this week so not many releases…

The new  PzKpfw IV Ausf H Panzer IV 1/72 scale Revell kit 3184 is now in stock ready for WWII battles

The armoured fighting vehicle Pzkpfw. IV formed the backbone of the German tank units in World War II. Between 1933 and 1945 it was built in greater numbers than any other German battle tank of the period. The H version, which for the first time was equipped with side skirts to increase armoured protection, was built from 1943 to 1944.

– Authentic surface details
– Movable turret with stowage lockers
– MG 34
– Side aprons
– Injection moulded tracks with individual links and segments
– Decals for two German versions
No. of parts 204
Length 97 mm

ummm and that’s about it on new releases this week. However, Italeri have a forthcoming new release that we thought you might like to know about…1/35th scale Lend Lease U.S. Truck with ZIS-3 Gun

The US6 transport lorry, developed by Studebaker at
the beginning of World War II for the American armed
forces, was created with an initial lot of 200,000 in a
good thirteen versions to meet a variety of logistical
needs: troop and material transport, refuelling, and
heavy-trailer hauling. The US6 was a 2.5-Tonne class
with petrol engine and integral traction in the dual
6×6 and 6×4 configuration, guaranteeing excellent
off-road performance.

Despite the vehicle’s incredible characteristics, it was used in a limited fashion by the American armed forces. The Soviet armed forces, on the other hand, used it extensively, having received from the American government in 1942 (to assist in fighting the Germans), over 105,000 vehicles in the 6×6 version and 90,000 of the 6×4’s. In Russia, this
vehicle was widely used as a tractor for anti-tank ZIS-3 cannons and other OBC. Furthermore, a “Katiusha”
multi-missile launcher was added to the US6 frame.

This vehicle should be available some time in the next month, but rest assured we will let you know as soon as it is here…