Ebob and the Viking Ship

We decided again to show you some more work from Ebob, whose fabulous work with a tank we had as our hobby post last week.

Ebob sculpts models, and we really recommend you check out his page, but this project is another from a kit. He made use of the Revell Viking Ship for a Norman Landing ship which he uses when playing Saga. Its another project that he completed in a weekend and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a great model.

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Ebob and Fray Bentos

We love hearing from our readers and shoppers, and this week’s hobby post is from Ebob. Ebob has to take the award for ┬áthe speediest hobby completion, taking just a weekend from purchase to completion.

Basing his scene on the Battle of Fray Bentos, which was not a battle over unappetising pies, but a battle involving a tank nicknamed Fray Bentos in the First World War. Ebob has made use of this Emhar model, which he reports was good to put together though the rails were tricky as they are in three parts.

And this is what he has produced…

If you want to know more about the battle there’s a couple of sites that might be of use …here and here.

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