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Monday Round up

We”ll do this in a reverse order of excitement (although depending on your perspective…).

We are extending our range of Tamiya spray paints which are ideal for painting your tanks pretty speedily. We have added 14 new colours to the range, so you’re sure to find something to suit…

We have also added to our ever growing base range, again there are bases for pretty much every need…

If you need to do some filing, and who doesn’t?, we have the Flexifiles in all their glory back in stock. If you haven’t tried these you might wonder what the devil these weird things are. They are perfect for sanding in curves, and you need to do that don’t you? Is your model 2D and with no curves? Really?…Really?…Have a look at the Flexifiles

From Plastic Soldier we now have in the German Half Track kit which offers you 3 tanks for 12.95. Meaning you can swiftly develop your army in well made qaulity tanks, for relatively low cost. Also from Plastic Soldier we have the fourth varient of the Sherman tank, and in the pack, which makes five tanks, you can make two versions of this version… Never need you have that emabrrassing moment of turning up to the skirmish in the same tank

The ever popular SAGA range warband packs and blisters are in and available to buy. This game has really taken off. To the extent that we can barely keep the  dice still long enough to put them on the shelf. Buy these chaps while you can we never can predict how long we will have them!

Equally fast running off the shelf are the Trent Miniatures Battalion packs. New in are the British Black Rangers. Often these are of the when it’s gone it’s gone┬áland so if you want them, buy them before someone else does!

And finally, from Victrix, the Athenian Armoured Hoplites. These are the best quality plastic models that the boss man has seen in quite some time. So much does he love them that he’s considered reneging on his promises to Mrs boss man and making an Athenian army…if he can think of a way to fit them in his house that is.