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Friday Round Up

Well howdy there boys and girls…this week’s round up is very make and do focussed, but we have some models and rules first of all…

We have in stock now the Crusader Rules which cover 1740-1900, Napoleonic period and the American Civil war, with a supplement available for the American period.

New from Airfix the 1:72 Aichi D3a1 aeroplane, which is probably most well known for Pearl Harbour, and is a rather stumpy nosed looking little aeroplane…I have to say (sorry beloved American readers) it is a kind of cute little thing…also we have a lovely T34/85 because we can never have too many Russian tanks.

From our favourite Italians, Italeri we have a 1:72 scale station, which is perfect for World War 2 European skirmishes…your table will be massively improved by the inclusion of the greatest piece of technology ever, the train…more on that in a paragraph or two…

In Steve’s ever growing desire to stock every kind of glue ever we now have a growing range of Deluxe products which include some incredibly specialist items such as the rust kit…

On our webshop you can now find our range of resin bases in all kinds from cracked ground and gravestones, to a pile of skulls…should you wish to stand on a pile of skulls.

More prosaically from Expo we can now offer the poly cutter with its battery…which is for cutting polystyrene not parrots. We do also sell the battery and replacement wires if you already have the cutter.

Also, we have catalogues…you can buy the Pocketbond catalogue from the store now (ignore that it’s the old picture, we will beat Rob soundly for not updating it)…but we also have the Expo catalogue…which you can have for free…if you email the bossman at and title your email “I would really like a free Expo catalogue pretty please”…and if y’all want to mention how the webfairy needs supplying with more (lactose free) chocolate I shan’t object.

I mentioned the glory of trains…and glorious all train things are and our final new item this week celebrates one of the things that railway modellers do with finesse. Scenery. Now here in the office, we have something of a divide. Rob, master of straight talking, doesn’t see what the point of the time railway modellers spend on scenery because “THEY DON’T LET YOU TOUCH IT!” (and yes he really does yell)…I, unsurprisingly as a woman who would rather like a train set in every room of her house, am a big fan of a fine model railway…and the master of all things Arcane sits somewhere between the two. What we now have, so you can see where you fall on the spectrum, is  a book Creating Realistic Landscapes …it shows how railway folk make spectacularly realistic landscapes, and whilst you may feel that some of it will be a lot of work that is going to get mussed up when playing, there are, we’re sure, tips and tricks you might want to incorporate. Plus if at anytime you wanted to make a diorama or something for display rather than play there’s plenty of information in here for you.

Till next week folks.