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Climbing the Lead Mountain!

Hanoverians AdvancingHanoverian casualties










I find myself in somewhat of a dither this week! As you can see the Hanoverians are all but finished, just a bit more work on the bases to do ( some flowers or tufts to brighten them up!), Flags to add ( not yet ordered!) and some nice bright silver highlights for the bayonets and it’s time to move onto the next project. The trouble is, I cant decide what it should be. It seems that I have temporarily lost my painting mojo and I think that I know why. I have plenty of subjects that need painting but none that I feel in the mood to do.

Mounted OfficersThe next Battalion that I should be painting is the final Hanoverian Landwehr Regiment, The Osterode, but even the excitement of finding that they have green facings and shoulder tufts hasn’t convinced me that another 24 red coats is a good idea at the moment. Then there’s my lack of officers in my army – I’ve got a nice pack of Warlord mounted officers to finish…red coats again though.


I’ve got some more Wars of the Roses infantry to paint. I’ve started to put together the Perry’s plastic boxed set of Mercenaries and I really like the pikemen but then again, it’s all gone quiet on the Lion Rampant front at the club so there’s no urgency here.


GlyptodonThen I have my own Deezee range that I am supposed to be painting. I’ve got a bit stuck here as I have undercoated a Glyptodon but I think that I should try to airbrush him rather than paint him, so he’s been relegated to the back of the table along with some Pterodactyls that I have started but cant quite visualize how I am going to base them. Along with the Deezee, I have some superb models from Lucid eye and I really like the look of the new Cromagnons but I was disappointed with my last efforts with Ze-Khor & Harranna so I’m not in the mood for painting these.

And there are plenty more models on my lead mountain – Prussian Lancers, British Field Forge, Royal Marines, Caribbean Sapper, even some nice Artizan World war two British! So what is going to get me back in the groove. It’s times like this when rather than focus on completing the projects that you have planned that you can be tempted to start a whole new Army. I mean, why not treat myself to that 1/48th scale Mauss that I have been so impressed with – I could do a little project on German super weapons of World War Two. Ooh!  I know, I could get that nice Pegasus V2 rocket in 1/48th scale and then there’s the Tamiya V1 and Sarrisa are going to do an MDF version of the launch site……Maus

Well, I do have plans for all of the above but lets try and stick to the projects that I have already started. So whilst I try to get my painting mojo back I have remembered one of the rules that I set myself. If you haven’t finished the models you bought from a show last year, you cant buy anymore at the same show this year! And the next big show coming up is Salute 2015. So what did I buy at last years salute? I bought some civilians for ‘Little Bingham’, so I have started a couple of these. At least there’s no formal uniform to follow- I can paint them how I want to and I can add a few more townsfolk to my gaming board. It’s not the most exciting subject, but I bought them for a reason and whilst I’m painting these I’m sure I’ll get back into the Napoleonic Groove again – after all there’s that anniversary coming up and I have an army to finish!

Civilians in Bingham