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Bolt Action Tanks!

Tiger in snow camouflage Scheme.

I always like to see other people’s models – you can always learn something new from seeing how other modellers produce their masterpieces. In this case, our guest modeller Darek Wyrozebski, is an expert in weathering down tanks and vehicles to produce some of the most realistic battle worn models I’ve seen!


He uses a whole host of techniques to produce the battle worn finish and is a great advocate of the Vallejo weathering pigments.  So here is just a small selection from Dareks’ collection:













Opel Blitz







Kubelwagen in Polish Army Service!







M10 Tank Destroyer

Darek uses an airbrush to get the basic paint job done and then uses a variety of filters, washes and even a bit of dry brushing to get the different layers of weathering. Add to that the use of pigments, careful replication of scratches using a fine brush, and he even uses hairspray as a barrier to allow the careful removal of layers of paint to get the worn look on the Hetzer. If it all sounds a bit like alchemy, Darek assures me that once you have a go at using these methods, you soon learn to get the results that he has… with all things, practice makes perfect!