Friday Round Up

Unfortunately, Lotte, our webmaster blogger and technical genius is suffering from a bug and so we’re a bit short on pictorial content this week but there are so many new goodies I couldn’t miss the friday update. The links should all work so you can still see the goodies!

Once again we have had a busy week with lots of new releases arriving in our ebay shop and on line shop. As well as the new releases, we are continually adding extra ranges to improve our offering to modellers and a good example of this is that we have now added the range of Vallejo Earth and Oxide pigments to our shop. This product is superb for producing weathering effects on your models and we will be using these to good effect on our next projects!

In a similar vein, we have been looking to source model chain for some time and we’ve now got the Trumpeter chain available in our ebay store. It’s one of those really useful items to have in your ‘bits’ box and useful whether you are modelling tanks, figures or, in my case , Napoleonic wagons…..

Talking of Napoleonics, we’ve been able to add some of the Perry miniatures metal packs to our ranges to supplement the plastic sets. Long term readers of my blog will know that I am a committed fan of these figures, I think that they are amoungst the best figures available and I will be adding a few of these to my army!

The other item that has caught my eye this week is the new metal set of figures from North star. The pack is called Wazungu and contains four european hunters. These are beautiful sculpts and full of character. Click the link to see the painted miniatures but beware, you will be tempted to buy them, they are so good! If you are interested in wargaming with or collecting African themed figures, the North Star Africa range is a great place to start. As well as hunters we have Matebele or Zulu’s available as well as cattle & oxen. Incidentally, the Wazungu pack will make great characters for the Tooth & Claw rule set where the aim is to track down prehistoric beasts! Oh! and we’ve added a couple of new beasts to this range as well, you can now have Mammoths to hunt or Pumas to hunt you!

Changing tack yet again, we’ve received our new releases from warlord games, so we now have the Russian Pavlosk Grenadiers, Russian command and Casualties.

For the military modellers we have received a couple of new releases from Hobbyboss in 1/35th scale. For the modern era  there is the Landrover defender, and from World War II, the M3a1 White scout car half track. If you are not familiar with this manufacturer, they produce extremely detailed and accurate kits that are every bit as good as Tamiya , which of course we also carry!

Finally, very hot off of the press, we have the new Wargames Illustrated Magazine issue 290. In fact it’s so hot, I have not been able to list it yet but that’s my next job, so check out our rules and books section later today!

So that’s just a small selection of what’s new in, normal service will be resumed next week once we’ve run the virus checker over Lotte……