Friday round up

In amongst all the inevitable socks (useful, if dull), pants (ditto), aftershaves (what message is that really sending hmm?) and other items you will have to jumper smile* at you may get some nice shiny monies for Christmas. It’s a struggle trying to think what to spend all those pretty coins on, but lucky for you we have some suggestions…

From Trumpeter we have some more lovely tanks to add to our ever growing range…

We’re also adding more and more to our Tamiya range, so now it includes all kinds of awesome things including 1:35 Livestock (I want! It has chickens. Chickens!)

(and they’ll be on the website before Christmas eve, unless Steve has too many alcoholic mince pies)

One new item this week that we are super excited about is the Pegasus V2, and its little buddy the V1 (am I the only one having a Dr Strangelove moment here?).

From HobbyBoss a ┬áLanding Craft, which some folk around here have suggested they might like to stick a little RC thingummy in (highly technical we are)…but as is, it is fabulous

and also from HobbyBoss we have track kits

Whilst we have also extended our Dalpol range