Friday round up

Helloooo again my dears, back from the beyond I bring thee new items. Though, where were my grapes and flowers, boys? Hmm?

We are really excited that we have new World War Two wooden buildings in 28mm. We are, as you might have guessed, completely besotted with these buildings. We loved the wild west ones and we love the world war two buildings just as much, if not more.

Also we now have lots, and lots of Strelets items. We have in our catalogue  125 items, though demand means we might not have all in at exactly the same time. The range covers some really unusual wars, and if they cover a conflict, boy do they cover it.


New from HaT , we have Zulus, tank riders, Dervishes, Indian Infantry and Highlanders in 1/72 and the 7 Years war Prussians in 1/32.

And ideal for Christmas presents and to stick on your list, Airfix Starter Kits. They come complete with paints and cement, and even a brush. So you have everything you need to start on Boxing Day. And let’s face it, it isn’t as if there’s anything to watch on television…James Bond for the 50th time? Eastenders Christmas depression? Anyone…anyone? No, thought not. No, you need this. This and a tin of biscuits. That’s Boxing Day sorted out.

A bit of a short round up, not because we haven’t got much…but because we’ve got so much new stock in we’ve got to find somewhere to put it.


Friday Round Up

Again we’ve got lots of new stock…in fact so much new stock that we can’t actually fit all of it in our Friday Round Up…

First we have some restocks and new, to us, items from Strelets. For World War I fans we have lots of new Germans, Russians and British sets. Including Cossacks, Hussars, Dragoons, and Cavalry.

We have restocked on the SB Scotia range of beautifully moulded and detailed resin accessories and diorama bases. New to us are the tank traps, otherwise known as Dragoons Teeth, ammo crates and battle damaged trees. Although 1/35th scale we think they would be suitable for Warhammer 40K scenic items too.

New from Battlefront Miniatures some excellent finishing products for World War II armour. Italian, British and German Desert colours and British Italian. Ideal base colours for models for models in all scales, but specially mixed for Flames of War armour. Also new, a six colour pigment set to allow you to weather and detail your models, producing a more realistic finish. Also in Flames of War dust clouds for your vehicles for a more realistic appearance on the wargames table.  These pieces are ready painted so easy to use and ready to go! Finally from Battlefront, three new pieces of terrain from Battlefield in a Box range. Excellent, ready painted to use terrain suitable for 15mm through t0 28mm games.


New in! Wargames Illustrated Issue 289 containing features on The Peloponnesian War, the Battles of Krithia, Last Argument of Kings.

From Tamiya, our most favourite brand at the moment, we have lots of new 1/35th scale kits, including the new releases-Super Sherman. Lots of new finishing products, textured paints, special abrasive papers, masking tape and spray table.


And finally from Badger we now stock three types of airbrush. They are extremely well made and ideal for finishing tanks and models. They will be available in the shop later on today.

Have a good weekend and if you want to keep up to date with all our news join us on Facebook  and if you want to tell us about anything feel free to comment or email us.





This week long ago: Please may I have some Moor please sir?

The Battle of Tours or Battle of Poitiers took place on October 10 732.

The battle has two names from its site at Moussais-la-Bataille which is located between the two. Charles Martel led the Franks and Burgandian forces against the Moorish caliphate of the Umayyad dynesty led by Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi.

Charles Martel in the battle

The battle is often characterised, particularly by historians of the nineteenth century (in the heat of muscular christianity and the regrowth of catholicism) as being a decisive moment in the Christian defence of Europe. In the less religiously inclined twentieth century the battle has been interpreted more as the first step in the increased political power of the Franks and the setting up of the initial stages for Carolingian Empire.

The battle itself happened after a build up of seven days worth of skirmishes. In the cold French October the Franks had an advantage (clearly no-one had told the moors to pack their woolly jumpers) of knowing what to expect. The Umayyad forces also underestimated the strength of the Franks and did not sufficiently scout the forces.

Post the defeat the Moors retreated over the Pyrenees.

If you wanted a Franco-Moorish face off though we don’t sell the exact belligerents there are a few chaps in the HaT ancients range, the Strelets Normans and some other ancient chaps could perhaps be suitably amended. Have you recreated this battle? What did you use?