Interview with Great Escape Games

We spoke to Mark from Great Escape Games about Clash of Empires, and The Rise and Fall of Persia, their new book.


Mark and his small associate….

” Stu and I had played WAB [warhammer Ancient Battles] for years, but it didn’t support the armies that we wanted to play with. The only way we could use them was if we looked on the internet for some amendments that people had cobbled together…when they redid WAB we saw an opening.”

” Much like Rules of Engagement we looked at what we wanted from a rule set and what it was we didn’t like about existing rule sets and developed Clash of Empires to meet what we felt was missing. For instance WAB has a single Command value, LD, and then a series of exceptions to make that fit all types and variants…In the ancient world some armies were very disciplined, they were good at marching, following orders etc, but when they met with the enemy the morale could falter. Whereas others like the Celts were not particularly disciplined, they would just gather and charge and often ignored commands, but they would continue fighting whatever…So morale and discipline are both accounted for in the Clash of Empires rules…We have also made it more about the troops than individual personalities. Generals lead the armies, they do not single handedly take out the enemy…We have also focussed on support, making sure that you can play, whatever army you may have. For instance I have a Crusader army but I cannot play WAB with them, Greeks are very popular but you cannot use those with WAB rules, as no supplement was created and the lists in “Armies of Antiquity” were inadequate. In Clash of Empires we have made it possible to use the majority of popular armies immediately, and have over thirty army lists on the website available freely, so you need not wait for the next supplement before you can play.”

“We have set ourselves a timeline for the release of the supplements and The Rise and Fall of Persia will be available from October 5th…This covers from the beginning of the Persian Empire through the conquest of Greece, the Peloponnesian Wars and the Rise of Alexander the Great to the destruction of the Persian Empire by the Macedonians. We are releasing the dark Ages supplement next year…We don’t write the supplements ourselves, we get people who have expertise in the area to do it…The first 1000 copies of The Rise and Fall of Persia come with a limited edition figure of a Persian Satrap modelled by Steve Saleh…We hope to release a unique figure with each of the books.”

For more information visit the Clash of Empires site, and as soon as The Rise and Fall of Persia is released it will be available at Arcane Scenery and Models.