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This Year in now: and your then

You may notice folks that there’s been a small gap of no post on Monday. Sorry folks, but fear not here is another post instead.

And it’s a plea.

As you know, here at Arcane we are very keen on the history all around us, you, your next door neighbours…except that weird one. There are all sorts of things we pass by on a daily basis, memorials, blue plaques, statues of people on horses, really old and slightly odd buildings. And generally they sort of become just background to day to day life. We’ll spend four years catching the same bus standing next to the same statue of Romans and never properly notice it. Or maybe you do, dear reader. Because we know you are one of our people.

You notice. You know exactly why there’s a plaque on that building at the end of the high street, you know which troop were stationed on the farm down the road, you have explained to eye rolling children about why that building round the corner is *incredibly* important and you have to keep your hands in your pockets when walking through your hometown to stop from pointing out things to passers by. We know. We know that people around you give you that “not again” look, that your spouse does that eye roll and that it is deflating. It’s almost like they don’t want to know, but gosh darn it WE want to know.

We really do. We want to know why there’s a statue of Bonnie Prince Charlie in your town that is nowhere near Scotland (seriously anyone from Derby want to tell me, please?), we’d like to hear the story about the day your village was bombed, we want to know about how that bridge down the road got rebuilt repeatedly after wars burned it down.

Tell us please. We are those grandchildren you dream of (well some of us might be more the granddad, but hey ho) . We want stories of your towns, of your wars, of your dad’s plane being shot down, we want to know all about the history that you know. You can send us emails (, comment and we can email you back ,or you can film it and send us the video (or YouTube link). Heck if you are more a speaking than typing kind of person we can even arrange  skype or something . But we really want to know. Seriously.

Over the next few months we are hoping to tell you about some more of the history that we know about Nottingham (since that’s where we are), the boss’s beloved Torquay, and some of those war tales from our own families. But we want yours. Speak to us readers 🙂